Wednesday, October 30, 2013

all good things must come to an end!!

 On our last day in Buffalo we went to the world's greatest pumpkin farm!  every fall we go!

we started the day with Paula's donuts- a buffalo 'must'.   Zeb, Ike, and Kent's favorite food is probably a donut- so they were all very pleased with breakfast!

Luckily the donut shop at the pumpkin patch was closed.  I can only handle so many donuts.

I took more pictures of metta than anybody else.  It's because she's the cutest.  Her little pigtails make every picture better.

 Henry and Zeb are pretty good pals.  And look quite a bit alike for some reason :)
Miss Milly goat.

 Milo. the baby.  Being around him made me remember why I don't want another baby yet.  They make me so uncomfortable.
I think we were pretending to eat the pumpkin. Metta likes to play a lot of pretend.
 She has amazed us with her love for all things Halloween.  She's almost never gets scared- but smiles at everything instead.  Laney's kids scream and wail around these creatures.  Zeb and Ike don't care anymore.
 We did find the one creature Metta was afraid of, though :)  It is pretty scary in her defense.  I love scaring my kids.
 After our trip to Buffalo- we were pooped.  exhausted!  we'd been in the car for over 24 hours in six days!  but we had one more day for adventure- so we drove to Columbus to do 'boo at the zoo'.  It was great fun.
 This Ikester loves Kent SO much it's ridiculous.  He asks about him first thing every day when he wakes up.
 Zeb is my little pal.  He's so funny and grown up and wise these days.  The zoo has a big dinosaur exhibit and boat ride that the kiddos were dying to try out this time!  it was so worth the money.  Metta was terrified!!!  the boys LOVED it.
 I think Zeb was worried about the giant spiders here.
 we were about to approach the spitting dinos.  They sprayed us and got us all wet and the boys LOVED it.
 this pictures cracks me up.  pure joy.  he was laughing so hard he turned red!!
 And then we rounded the corner to the big roarrrrring dinosaurs.  and metta got so so scared.  It was so so funny.
 I can't help posting these pictures of her.  she was terrified of the t-rex at the end. so so terrified!!

My kids really aren't actually afraid of that much.  They get nervous - but they are willing to try new things.  even if they are screaming while doing it. 
we spent much of the evening waiting in line for the superhero show!!
it was a pretty big hit with everybody.   thor was the largest man I've ever seen.  pretty impressive, really.
 We put on costumes in the evening and went trick or treating through the zoo!  it was a lot of fun and everybody loved our costumes :)

Somehow I got -this- the perfect picture!  everybody looks adorable.  There was nobody in the background even though the zoo as packed!  I love it.  And I really love halloween.  the costumes, the candy. the events!  all of it!!


Amber and Travis said...

I have a feeling your kids don't get scared because you have tried to scare them so much that they are used to it.

I LOVE Metta's pigtails and Zeb's scared face and the last picture! said...

So many great pictures. Natalie doesn't like donuts and I feel like I have failed as a parent. Loving the Buckeyes sweatshirt!

Philip Oswald said...

mmm ... I missed going to the pumpkin patch with all of you this year. The pictures brought back fond memories. Did they have the magic show again this year?

Jill Pierce said...

Poor Metta! Seeing her cry is so sad. :(