Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ohio to New York...

Kent had a week of vacation, the fall colors were in full bloom, and Laney's husband was off work thanks to the government shutdown.  Perfect timing for a visit to Western New York!!   We go every fall and the drive through all of Ohio, Northern Pennsylvania, and Western New York is stunning.

Plus- we got to make a pit stop In Ashland to see our very favorite Ohioans!  the Starkeys!!  these are some of the best and kindest people you'll ever meet.  They've hosted us for Easters, Thanksgivings, Halloweens, and all sorts of weekends in between.  Definitely our Ohio family.

We had dinner- used the bathroom- and enjoyed the most delicious ghost cookies I've ever tasted. mmmm.
Metta LOVED their cats and dog.  

Once in New York- the weather was perfect.  absolutely perfect.

Day 1. Hike to the eternal flame.  Some flame that's burning in a mini cave in a mountain.  It stinks like rotten eggs. But it looks nice.

The men and their babies.

This little girl loved being on Kent's back.  

Much of the trail ran alongside/through a creek.  The water was FREEZING- but the kiddos didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

Milly goat only calls Kent- 'Dr. Kent'.  It's pretty funny. 
What are we going to do when cousins don't live a day's drive away??  I'm sad that these regular visits may be coming to an end soon!
I love fall.  I love leaves.  
I love her.
I don't know if baby Milo had as much fun as metta.  

we found a great little frog on the trail and all took turns kissing and holding it!
He's pretty cute, right?
I put him on Kent's shoulder so metta could pet him- and then the frog bolted. Jumped right off.  You can see his hind leg in the picture.  She never even got to touch him.  Kent thinks he broke some bones on the jump down.  I think frogs are meant to jump long distances.
There were some fun 'climbing' spots.  This looks tremendously more dangerous than it actually was.  The angle makes it look pretty steep.  I did not let my little Zeb scale a slippery treacherous mountainside.
Finally- the eternal flame. Right behind Zeb's head.  I thought it was going to be bigger.  And not so stinky.

Metta insisted on bringing along a 'baby'.  She talked to it, kissed it, loved it.  She is obsessed with babies.
After our hike we had a big Family Home Evening with my very best friend from college- and his family.   He lives near Laney and we all got together with our crazy kids.

I love this pic of my metta.  Holding onto her baby tighter than tight. while riding her bike.
 So crazy to think that twelve years ago we were in college and now we're all grown up with kids.

 Brad and I met at Ricks College in the year 2001 before our missions.  Man- I'm getting old!!!
 I've got zillions more pictures to come!


Jill Pierce said...

I love Fall, too. You got some great shots! Of course, you always do. :)

yaya said...

We were so happy you guys stopped to see us. I can't believe how much your kiddos have grown! They are so cute and I still feel bad about Squeak and Metta. Looks like a fun trip with beautiful scenery. Please come back!