Friday, October 11, 2013

and he's caught up to me again...

Kent celebrated the big 3-2 yesterday.  and I LOVE birthdays.  Even if they aren't mine.  It still means a party. presents. dinner out. and ice cream cake.  And when it's Kent's birthday- all those things are mine, too.

I was asking my sis- Laney- for ideas on what to get him for his birthday.  She always get her husband shoes and ties and socks for his birthday because he loves clothes.  So- she asked what Kent loves.  The answer is food.  He loves to eat.  It was a food themed birthday.

He worked the day- so we went over the the base and decorated his car.  We filled it with balloons, kit-kats, and his favorite donuts. 

Kent always wants an ice cream cake for his birthday.  And I always tell him they cost too much money.  Because they DO!  holy smokes.  I checked coldstone- but I wasn't about to shell out 40 bucks for a cake.  So I downgraded to Dairy Queen for the Oreo blizzard cake.  And I used a coupon.  And it counted as one of his presents.   It was tasty- but not as tasty as it should have been for costing as much as it did.  But it was worth it when Kent saw- that despite my cheapness- I bought him an ice cream cake.  He was pretty happy.

I also got him a fancy cookie dough scoop for when he makes his famous cookies.  He makes the world's most amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

He got a few other gadgets- and then we went out for a crazy dinner (kidless) to Saya.  His favorite Japanese/Korean Sushi house.  And he got to order whatever he wanted.  Yakisoba, Bolsot Bibimbap, Salmon sushi, and potstickers.  It was a pretty delicious dinner.  And possibly something we need to get used to- since Korea and Japan are pretty high on our list of places to move next year!  any thoughts on either of the two?  I never thought I might live in Asia- and now it seems like such a possibilty!!

I'm getting more adventurous and enjoyed this sushi :)

After dinner we went home and enjoyed ice cream cake and Project Runway.  It was such a great birthday.  Kent told me he's lucky he married me.  I told him he was right. He is pretty lucky.  But- I have to say- I'm pretty lucky myself.  I hope we have many many many more October 10ths to celebrate together! 

He's kind, dependable, hard working, dedicated, adventurous, humble, and just plain fun.
Love you, Ralph.  Happy Birthday.


Jill Pierce said...

Happy Birthday, Kent!

We got a Coldstone ice cream cake - mint chocolate chip - last year for Anna's birthday. I am usually a stickler for making everything HOMEMADE, but their cake was TASTY! And if it's only once a year, why not?

Kee said...

I love the crunchies in the DQ cakes :)Happy Birthday Kent! I think Japan sounds exciting. I have a few friends who have been to Korea with their family. They live there in Dayton if you want to talk to them :)

Pat and Brent said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. DQ is a step up from Albertsons ice cream cake rolls! I think you're both lucky to have each other. AsiA would be fun to visit. :)