Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st of 1st

First grade.  So much less climactic than kindergarten :)
When I asked Zeb all about his first day- he only made two statements.

1.  "I didn't imagine my teacher to be so skinny"
2. "You didn't tell me Mrs. Patel is brown"

The hardest part about this whole school thing is waking up!!  the bus picks up zeb at 7:30!!  and all summer long we were just getting out of bed at 7:30.  but he's home by 2:20 every day- so that's wonderful!

 He's a pro at this school thing.  He loves it.  He's happy to be back.

Monday, August 19, 2013

the Mason-Lebanon railroad

I was determined to make our last week of summer a week of fun and adventure.  We were pretty successful and did something great every single day!

 Our family loves trains.  Metta- even though she doesn't like to say many intelligible words- loves to say 'choo- choo'.  So last weekend we used our groupon to take the Mason-Lebanon train to party with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Upon meeting him- Zeb disappointingly stated that he was 'not nearly as big as he'd imagined'.  Metta- on the other hand- was OBSESSED.  She's obsessed with everything, though.  A real optimist :)

She couldn't stop giving him high fives.

As we pulled away from the station- metta insisted on waving goodbye to everyone.
I  was trying to get metta to smile. or something.  I talk a lot so my mouth tends to be open a lot.
 Every body looks wasted here.  It was on the ride back.  On the 'outside air car'.

the kids played games with clifford.  and won cheap prizes.  and got bit by LOTS of mosquitoes :)

 The ride home felt a little long.  We really were hot and tired!  I love metta's smiles through her binky.  She'd just cried and whined and we finally found her 'bink'. She was elated!

 We refueled at a little ice cream shop near the station.  It was some of the most delicious homemade ice cream I've ever had.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

summer phone dump :)

I've been taking a lot more cell phone pics now that my cell phone camera is so snazzy :)  It's really going to help me jump back on the blogging wagon.  I love my blog and want to stay updated.

First pic.  I really love this.  It's me- one of our sister missionaries- and my favorite babysitter Sydney.  We all have the same target bag.  I'm not going to lie- I started the trend.  Am I an old lady shopping in the young adult section??! or is this purse appropriate for a 'woman of my age'?   Sometimes I forget I'm not a kid anymore.

this ridiculous picture is so metta.  She's a dirty little redheaded toddler with a love of ugly dolls.  And I love her to pieces.  She's got a big personality.  Kent and I are always wondering what we are going to do as she gets older.  She really cracks us up.
These next few pics are of Zeb's first triathalon!  It was sponsored by the Y and it was so much fun.  Zeb was awesome.  He was so so nervous.  I was a little nervous!  His face was ALL serious and ALL business the entire event!
He and his pal, Quincy.
The bike portion.  He isn't confident without the training wheels- so we went and bought some the night before at Walmart :)
Getting ready for the race.  Can you see his nervous face?
His tough face with his number on the calf.  He wore shorts the next day to church so people could see his number :)  He was pretty proud of himself!
This summer we did a few sessions of swim lessons at the YMCA aquatic center.  It was a lot of fun with friends! and it was a way for my kiddos to get a lot of water time when I didn't have to get in with them.  I don't love water. or the sun.
they'd let them hang out at the 'fun center' and swim the 'lazy river' at the end of class.
Metta tried to jump in day after day.  Sometimes I'd take off her clothes and let her play.  I LOVE her red hair and pigtails SO much.

Wishful thinking!

And a few final crazy pictures.

This Ike and ava are pretty great friends. and sometimes way too much alike :)
I find at least a dozen zeb selfies a day on my phone :)
Kent and his pal Cora.  Being a pediatrician really is his thing.  I think it's the only way he can get his kid fix without looking a little creepy :)  He really does love all (okay- most) kids.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

the end of the shennanigans.

Starting this week- when life slows down a little ( I hope!)- I'm going to get back to my regular blogging!  that's my goal.   For now- here are the rest of our vacation shennanigans in sporadic pictures!

When Metta and Charlotte get a little older- they will be best cousin friends for sure.   For now there was a lot of jealousy and and stealing :)
Charlotte sure was a funny little monkey.  She taught metta how to say 'no'. Metta taught her to walk!
Uncle Clair starting a fire.  I forgot how wonderful Utah summer evenings can be.  Nice crisp and cool.
Kent's family was so wonderful to watch my kiddos for all of the non kiddo wedding stuff I had to do!  the kiddos had so much with cousins and their grandparents!

We totally lucked out and got to be in Utah for cousin Hanna's family birthday celebration!  it was great.
Auntie M is every niece and nephew's favorite aunt.  Metta loved her to pieces.
Zeb and Ethan.
Kent's sister and family.
Our last night in Utah we celebrated BIG.  Gramps took the boys to the firework stand and we had an early Pioneer Day fireworks party!  it was so much fun.

Clair and Charlotte!

and the sunset was beautiful.  I love this picture of my mom getting apicture with her Ipad :)
And Zeb.

After the big wedding we had a Howell Family reunion.  I'm so glad we were in town to take part in it!  We spent one afternoon at the new Utah Natural History Museum.  We got in free thanks to the military :)

The oswald sisters' kiddos.  I can't believe we are producing children!!
Zeb and Ike learning about cells :)
Gramps and the baby girls.
I love these pictures of Ike and auntie daysa.
 I can't beleive she's all grown up and GOING ON A MISSION!!  so exciting.
 look at all of these kids.  all of the cousins offspring.  I can't believe we're grown ups.
And the last of the pictures :)  Our day in Logan with the Howells.

Logan is where our great great grandparents settled when they came to America from Switzerland.  It's why Kent and I got married in Logan.

We visited the land where the first home was built.  All that is left is the welcome walkway- and an outdoor stove.  Great Grandpa Ulrich Zbinden was a rock collector and made this cool entryway.
Here's the outdoor stove.
We even visited the grave sites of our great great grandparents.  Here is our Zbinden- sitting on the original Zbindens.
Nannie Annie and metta.

I love this picture of Grandpa Howell.  He's telling a 'story' that actually ends up being a joke about a coffin and a drugstore.  He thought he was pretty funny.
After our day in Logan- we had the annual family Bingo game.  
This shirt was a hot ticket prize.  I mean- who doesn't want a 'poohfect' CHristmas?!

Aunt Rosemary cleared out her ridiculous stuffed animal collection and sent all of the kiddos home with toys :)

cousin kate leaves on her mission TUESDAY!!  I love all of these sister missionaries!
We ran out of bingo cards and bingo game pieces.   we improvised with online cards and bread pieces :)

I think we did something fun and crazy every day we were in Utah.  It made me so homesick. and coming home was so hard!  I just have to remind myself that real life in utah isn't that much fun- only weddings and family reunions are :)    

Thanks for the great time family!