Sunday, April 27, 2014


yikes.  I've never felt this chaotic. 
 prepping for this ginormous move (on top of living our already busy lives) has drained my time and energy!!  we are SO BUSY right now.
doctor appointments x5, dentist appointments x5, dejunking, visas and passportsx5, packing, prepping.  and SO MUCH military paperwork (for all the medical clearance and overseas stuff)!!  we are infinitely busy.

I need to catch up on blogging.
I pulled my most recent phone and camera pics for a blog smorgasbord.

The pictures have made me laugh.  and realize just how wonderful my life is.  even in the chaos of it all- being this busy makes me realize just how much I have to be grateful for!  good health. great adventures. awesome friends. stability. strong faith. and the best family.

Metta continues to be my cat lady. in toddler version.  She wears weird things.  hoards.  licks food off floors.  She is really cool.
 last week we made our inaugural spring trip to Hot Dogs Plus.  We wanted to hit the taco truck- but it isn't open yet.  the kiddos were happy with their funny faced ice cream cones at Hot Dogs Plus. I was pretty happy with my chocolate soft serve in a waffle cone, too.
breakfast of champions. cheetos.  at least 2 out of the 3 are dressed for the day.
 easter was wonderful this year!! Kent seemed to work almost EVERY holiday the first two years of residency- but this year I think we have had almost every holiday off.  it has been fabulous.
On easter eve- we realized we'd forgotten a few items for dinner so Kent went to pick them up and returned home with THIS. a SIX POUND bag of hash browns.

we had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  I love them.  I remember holidays when I was a full-time missionary in Russia and sometimes they were tough days!  I missed my family and the good food :)  so hopefully the sisters had a good day at our place for Easter!  My baby sis is a full time missionary in brazil right now- and I hope people are taking good care of her, too :)

Kent with the toddlers.  he genuinely enjoys kiddos.  and I am ever so grateful for that.

and  just a few last pictures of our Easter weekend.
the neighborhood/friend hunt!  metta found a special egg and got a big prize much to her brothers' dismay :)

Easter morning :)  
I'm not a big fan of the 'Easter Bunny'- but they got some new socks, a pack of gum, and some candy from mom and dad!
2 out of the 3 kiddos are giving me a good true smile here - so it's the best pic we got all day :)  
Church was wonderful and we had fabulous ham, rolls, and plenty of cheesy potatoes for dinner!
I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ- and the glorious doctrine of the Resurrection! He Lives!

I vow to blog better over the next few weeks since they are the LAST weeks we have in Ohio.  Oh my goodness!  all of this is happening way too fast!!

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yaya said...

I can't imagine how crazy this time is for you. I remember when we moved here from Chicago after Jack was done with school. That was nuts, but still in the same country! Love the Easter pics! We had Stake Conference on Easter Sunday. The meetings were great, but it made a busy weekend! I can't believe how time has flown..didn't Kent just start? Good luck with everything. I know you'll get it done!