Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's been AGES.
we went on vacation- and now we are recovering from our vacation!  that one hour time difference killed us :)

We spent last week partying it up in Chicago.  way too much food, lots of games and laughing, and not nearly enough sleep.

we met up with my sister to visit two cousins and their families in the Windy City.   I don't know how we all lucked out with such amazing husbands- but one day we spent the afternoon out shopping and eating french chocolate- while the husbands took ten kids to the movies. we did take the three babies with us.

I tried my first ever macaroon.  I liked the fruity ones better than the chocolate.

we stopped by Penzy's spice shop.  I'd never heard of the place- but it was pretty amazing and pretty 'spicy'.
we spent almost every night up too late, laughing, playing games, and eating.  I have the most amazing network of cousins who are like great friends!  we can get together after years apart- and it's as though we've been next door neighbors the entire time.  I really wish we could all live closer and see each other more often!  but I'm so glad that just a few of them live on this side of the country!! family is the best.

One day we hit Cantigny Park.  An AMAZING war museum with the coolest tanks to play on and some pretty cool war exhibits.

All of the cousins' kiddos playing together. Are they 2nd cousins? or first cousins once removed? I can't ever figure that out.
we took up five rows at the Normandy display!!

these old tanks are such a hazard for little kids to play on!!!   but pure heaven, too.  good thing we had a pediatrician with us :)  We had no injuries- but I can only imagine the number of stitches that have come from this place!
we loved it.  hanging on howitzer cannons.

We hit the 'ball factory' one morning for the kids.  and we got to play as much as they did.  This place would be so much fun to rent out for an adult party!  
a ball blaster room? giant slides?  it was all wonderful.  metta found a swing that spins AROUND AND AROUND AND AROUND. she would NOT get off. Even though it was obvious that her head was SPINNING out of control. She definitely has my sense of motion.  Kent almost vomited watching her spin!!  the video of her is on my facebook page! (click on that link). it's funny stuff.
And finally- The stupendous field museum!  this place is unreal. so great.  so full of science and facts and greatness.  it made me remember why I love bugs and evolution and animal life!  plus- my cousin (inlaw)- steve-is one of the scientists here!  he got us in free :)  and showed us the ropes.  He's a lichenologist!  you can check out his work here: http://fieldmuseum.org/explore/multimedia/video-leavitts-lichens.   He's pretty cool.
It was cold, wet, and pretty windy on our museum day! Zeb was not happy about posing for this picture,

our Metta has to be the happiest most exuberant and easily excitable child of all time.  She ran around with her hands in the air ALL DAY! shouting for joy and hip hip hooraying about every exhibit.  it was really fun,

she was a little afraid of the giant soil grub.  in her defense- it's creepy.
Baby Milo and the baby dinos.
toddler metta with the toddler dinos!

the heat camera exhibit was neato.
and yoda with a head- dress was a hit with the star wars fans.
hopefully little Zeb grow up to love DNA as much as his parents :)  I sometimes sing him the songs I taught to my high school students when I taught bio :)
Here we are catching orbs.  I'm not sure the purpose.  but it was fun!

Our final big event in Chicago was the food.  Isn't that the best part of vacations? besides being with loved ones, of course!  EATING!!! new and exciting foods.  eating more than is healthy.  Buying foods far more expensive than you'd normally buy :)  We had mediterranean, mexican, chinese, and all American Chicago deep dish from Giordannos.  After a long day at the museum- we were staring- and it tasted DIVINE.
the kiddos went for traditional.
we splurged on fat, calories, and money and went for deep dish.  I want more. right now.

The whole trip was perfect!  thanks for the fun Hailey, Steve, Robert, and Laura :)
we are quickly checking things off our bucket list before the big move!  it's coming SO SOON!  

any last ideas on stuff we NEED to do before we leave Ohio??!?!


yaya said...

My hometown...Chicago is! You hit all the best spots except my Mom's house! She has a Giordannos right behind her neighborhood...yum! Glad you had fun, but your crew always does. We'll be there in June when Craig and Amy come. Can't wait!

LauraJ said...

Fun post and the week was even better! Thanks for bringing the party to Chicago - we loved having you!

Jill Pierce said...

That pizza looks delicious!