Monday, April 28, 2014

planes and cleats.

 Zeb was selected as a winner for the 'Presidential Aircraft' coloring contest at his school and his artwork was displayed at the Air Force Museum the last four weeks!  there was artwork from schools in three surrounding counties and grades k-12.

Zeb always works hard at what he does and is pretty competitive!  I am proud of his accomplishment :)

                                                              Here is his piece of Art.
 Air Force One.

Doesn't he look cute in his cleats and soccer shirt? we went over to see his artwork one Saturday after a soccer game.  The boys LOVE soccer and every spring they are able to play on the same team because of their birthdays! for four months they fall into the same age category and it makes it SO MUCH EASIER for me!   I knew with Kent being on nights and ER these 2 months- his schedule would be skeewompus so I signed them up but didn't volunteer to coach because I'd be chasing metta.   Apparently nobody else volunteered either. So I am the coach.
Oh my goodness.  Chasing and corralling and trying to teach children something I know NOTHING about is NOT my thing.  Especially with a 2-yr old either on my hip or trying to escape to the playground near the fields! ahhhhhhhhh.  it's a lesson in patience and sacrifice. I know my kids love this so I will endure.  even though I really don't love other peoples' children.  Kent made it to one practice and afterwards said to me: "I think you are supposed to be nice to them".  Ha! that is NOT in the coach description.  Only a few more weeks to go.  Wish me luck.

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Annie Oswald said...

I think you're supposed to be nice to them. hahahahah Oh, you are too like your mother. :) And I say that with love.