Thursday, May 8, 2014

park adventures.

I haven't taken pictures with my camera in AGES!  This week Ike had a fieldtrip to Cloud park- one of our favorites in the area- so I went along and finally took out my camera!  

Metta is pretty independent- and I'm not much of a helicopter parent- so it took me awhile to realize she was no longer on the playground a short time after we arrived.  Her pal- Cora- was missing, too.  I ran back into the woods behind the slides- and found her off roading with Cora. They were definitely not on any trail- which probably helped slow them down and didn't let them get too far! but they were thick into the woods :) and when they saw us- they took off RUNNING!  such little wild turkeys.
 She's such a fun child.  Even if she does run away into the woods!
 She was really nervous to cross the creaky bridge- so Ike offered to help her cross every time she needed it.  Ike really loves Metta.  He begs to wake her up from naps, he loves to help her, and he always wants to share things with her!  It's really cute. especially because usually he's so stingy with his love and affection!
 Ike's pal Ava would NOT smile for the camera- but I caught her with a real smile playing tag!
Cora with her stick.  Kent and I decided Metta is going to have the hardest time with our move.  She's so in love with her life and her routine. The gym, church, meijer, her pals, Cora!  She's going to have major withdrawals.  It makes me a little sad to think about!
 Ike, Paxton, and Ronan.   I can't believe how amazingly beautiful the weather was Wednesday morning.  Today is already too hot for me - and too sunny!  but yesterday at the park was PERFECT!!

 I'm making a goal to take a gazillion more pictures the last 7.5 weeks we live here in Ohio!


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Metta is not the only one who will go through withdrawals when you move... But let's not think about that now. That smile of Ava's is hard to capture, so thank you! Such am amazing shot!

yaya said...

Looking at the pic of the kiddos in the woods I noticed poison ivy on the left side of the pic...just sayin.