Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I think my kiddos love me...

I love to celebrate for any reason and will never turn down a holiday or gifts! Therefore I love Mother's Day.  I work hard at being a mom and I don't think it's overrated to celebrate those efforts with a day of appreciation!  Just like I work hard at being me- and think I deserve a birthday celebration each year.

Kent is on nights- so we only got to see him for about an hour on Mother's Day- but he did as much as humanly possible for me in that hour :)  He started dinner when he came home that morning- and finished it all when he woke up that afternoon!  we had a fabulous late lunch- and I got some pretty awesome shoes.  Look at them.  they are insane.  and I LOVE them.
Kent is worried about me.  worried that our move to Japan will be tough.  and he's right. he knows me well.  I am so excited to go- this has been our plan all along! to travel the world.  to live a grand adventure.  But- there will be tears.  tears when I drive away from Dayton. tears when we get to Japan.  tears about losing my friends.  about being so far away from family.  it's going to be a big transition with some rocky spots! but now I have some fab new shoes to help me hit the ground running.

  Zeb made me a card at school and had to write a reason I am special.  He'd quizzed me at home about this question several times because he was having a hard time coming up with an answer.  I asked him why he'd rather have me as a mom and not somebody else.  His reply was  pretty simple:  "well, if you were dead I would just get somebody else."  Thanks, Zeb :)     His final answer was that I make the best cookies. hmmm.  the only problem is that I don't make cookies.  Kent is the cookie maker in this family.  I think that one was a suggestion from his teacher!  I did love this part of the card-
especially his little "˄ sometimes" part on the last line!

Ike had a 'muffins with mom'  day at preschool.  He told me about it and then asked if Kent could go with him instead!   Luckily Kent had to work- so I told him I was his only option!  he finally conceded to allowing me to come.  And I think when the day was over he was happy to have had me. We won both rounds of 'musical chairs' and he was excited.  I had to get pretty competitive to win the game AND win him over - but I was successful.

I also got to facetime my sister from brazil as she skyped my mom at home in Utah.  Technology
is amazing.  She is happier than ever and loving being a missionary!

Being a mother certainly doesn't define me entirely- but I am so grateful and happy that it is one of my many  titles.  
I'm grateful for the amazing mothers I have (now and in the past) in my life. 
My  mum- Annie- is the reason I am who I am!  she taught me how to be healthy, happy, and successful in life!  what else do you need?!
My Mother-in-Law, Pat, for giving me the best present I've ever had!- KENT! 


Amber and Travis said...

I cried a little reading about your anticipation of tears. It is going to be amazing and I am so excited to read about your adventures even though that means you won't be here!

yaya said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! You are an amazing Mom. I love your stories about your cute kiddos and all the pics too! I know you'll be fine in Japan..I'm am a bit worried how Japan is going to handle it!