Sunday, May 11, 2014


we've had an afternoon of laughs and tears from this kid today. Zeb's mouth is full of snaggleteeth and holes.  and today we've got an especially crazy tooth.
this tooth is dangling by the teeny tiniest pulp of gummy tissue.  You can see a clear margin ABOVE the tooth for pete's sake!

 seriously.  look at him.  it looks absolutely ridiculous.
 when he walks and talks, it wiggles and jiggles. He can twist it 360 degrees!!
 we have all been laughing pretty hard about it.
 Kent is BEGGING to yank it.  and that makes Zeb cry.  I told Zeb we would wait for it to fall out on its own.  I can't stand ripping bandaids off- let alone the thought of yanking out out a TOOTH!! yuck.
I'm betting the tooth fairy shows up tonight :)


Amber and Travis said...

I almost didn't look at this post! Loose teeth gross me out! The kids at school always try to show me the "fun" things they can do with their teeth!

I agree, I couldn't pull out a tooth! That will be Travis' job!! Hopefully Zeb with get a tooth fairy visit tonight!

Julie Sacks said...

Oh that is gross! I would probably yank it, but I'm a picking at my kids kind of mom too :) Cohen still has not lost one tooth and he has no loose ones either. They will probably come out all at once in a few months.