Wednesday, March 26, 2014

zeb a leb.

Zeb came home to day with a preview of his school pictures and a writing sample of what he 'does NOT want to do for spring break'.  Both are pretty funny.

I don't buy school pictures.  My parents never did either.  I take a lot of pics of my kiddos!  I like them better AND they are cheaper!

He won't ever smile with his teeth for school pictures.  and his head looks a little large here. I don't even think the picture looks much like him!  it does make me smile, though.  those picture people know that nearly all parents are suckers when it comes to pictures of their own kids!

this writing sample, however, looks EXACTLY like him.  What does he NOT want to do over spring break??

1. eat 'brokle' 
2. clean his bedroom or toyroom.  

This kid has a tough life, huh?  we make him eat vegetables AND do chores.  

 We have a lot of fun and parties while Zeb is at school- but we keep it top secret so he thinks we just eat veggies and clean all day.
 Ike and Metta are two peas in a pod.  Lots of laughing, eating candy, and having fun.
 she's so cute. and happy.  unless I'm singing to her.  I try to sing along to the Frozen songs when she watches it and she SCREAMS like a banshee when I open my mouth.  Even if I only mouth the words- she starts shrieking! 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" "AHHHHHHHHH!!!" I guess I'm a terrible singer.


Julie Sacks said...

Cohen was just having a come apart yesterday when my little turkey Jace spilled our secret of what we did when he was at school. He expects us to do NOTHING fun without him. We must sit at home and wait till he gets home. I guess I need to teach Jace how to keep secrets better :) Glad your little ones can do it for Zeb's sake.

Annie Oswald said...

Zebby looks SO grown up in that pic. All three are funny kids. I can't wait to see them.

Have a boring day today while Zeb's at school.