Monday, March 10, 2014

the three.

The mornings are still pretty chilly- but in the afternoon- we might as well put on our bathing suits!  50 degrees.  It's a heat wave!   Although the bus stop is going to be especially cold and dark this week with the time change.  Zeb's bus comes at 7:30! eek. 
We are supposed to get some snow on Wednesday and it's dipping into the single digits again.  I'm kind of celebrating a little, still.  As long as it stays so cold- we won't have to start weeding or mowing yet!  

Isn't he cute with his little fur trimmed coat?  he really loves it.  

He also really loves jokes.  He's been on a kick learning new ones lately.  His favorites include:

where do milkshakes come from?
nervous cows.

What's the difference between a teacher and a train?
the teacher says "spit it out" and the train says "choo-choo".

On one of our heat wave afternoons (54)- Ike asked if we could get out the slip n slide.  When I told him no- he responded: "that's not fair!  You never let me do ANYthing fun!".   I'm not sure where he learns all of these cliche kid phrases- but he uses them often.  He actually threatened to run away this week.  He tells me often that he doesn't like me.  Yesterday he also told me that he was going to throw away 'all of my things' so I couldn't have them anymore if I didn't let him play the wii some more.  Zeb doesn't say stuff like this- so I'm still trying to figure out where Ike picked up on it.  Is it just innate in some kids?!
Metta is an ANIMAL.  she makes me smile all day.  Luckily she makes other people smile, too.  She's funny, crazy, and perceptive.   and she's really starting to jabber with multiple word sentences.   I was pretty concerned with her inability to combine words into sentences- but I think she's making some really great progress.

During church today- I got this picture text- with the message:
"you've got quite the charmer on your hands! haha. I love this kid"
It came from one of the nursery workers!

She is a CHAMPION nose blower.  ALL DAY LONG.  If she's got any snot- she'll get it out. and 
she thinks it's pretty funny.  One of her very favorite phrases is "ewwww! Yuck!!"

Here is a much better picture of her. The gap between her teeth is as giant as ever!  we'll have to see if it resolves itself or if she needs it fixed!

   And her hair is getting pretty WILD.  I'm not sure when or if or how to cut it?!?  ideas??  I just put her in piggies every day!  I have no idea when she'll need a real haircut!  She's adorable in the pigtails so for now it works.

I can't believe we are almost half way into march!!  I think starting this friday (the 14th)- I'm going to begin the celebration of my birthday week.  A week of fun all for ME.  I can't wait.  I'll have to post about all of my adventures.  My actual birthday is the 21st.  I LOVE presents.  especially in the form of Target giftcards, treats, socks, and other great food.  

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kelly said...

My son is totally into jokes right now too, so here's another one for Zeb. What do you call a cow that doesn't give milk? A milk dud!