Monday, March 3, 2014


In a college Botany class I was asked to write a 1/2 page self introduction.  When I got my paper back- my professor noted that using so many exclamations and superlatives in my writing made it hard to know when I was actually trying to emphasize something important.  I told him that EVERYthing in my life was that important and exciting!  He thought I was nuts. 

 I write how I talk.  and I speak in superlatives.  I ALWAYS have. I ALWAYS will.  and sometimes that rubs people the wrong way!  I can't apologize because I'm not sorry.  However I will say that I never  rarely do it to intentionally bother people. It's just me!

With that being said- church was canceled again yesterday! UGH!  I wanted to die. and all for the MOST DISAPPOINTING storm ever!!  Our predicted 13 inches yielded 1.5.   When I got the news about church- I considered screaming.  Instead- I dressed the kiddos and myself and did some research to see what wards (mormon congregations) in the area were still having church!  we had a few options and chose one at ten AM- our regular start time.  yes- a day at home can be lovely- but Kent was working all day so it was just the kids and me- and I absolutely HAD to get out of the house for a few hours!  

It's hard- because I really do LOVE the snow- and even the cold.   I just HATE cancellations!!   It turns out that last week the ward we will be going to in Japan cancelled for snow, too!!  ahhhh!!  I'm cursed.

Going to a different ward was really pleasant. It was nice to meet some new people and hear from different voices!  all of my kiddos were really well behaved.  Zeb and Ike are old enough to be entertained by the dot game.  A church lifesaver for generations!!  I remember playing it with my dad in church and always getting beat. It made me so mad that he'd never go easy on us!

Aren't they so cute all dressed up?  Ike refused to wear his tie.  He ripped it off in the car.
and this isn't a church picture of metta- but it's one from her birthday that I forgot to post!  the only present we got her was a box of timbits.  Little donut holes from Tim Horton's.  she LOVES them.  So do the boys.  even I (and I don't like regular donuts AT ALL) enjoyed a few.
I am really excited that we got this snow storm in March!  And I wouldn't mind an inch or two for my birthday on the 21st!  wouldn't that be the best present ever??!  but- pretty please! no more cancellations!!

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Kodi said...

OK, I never comment on people's blogs, but this time I had to! I love reading your blog SO much because the way you look at life is so inspiring. And you are honest! Those first paragraphs about all of the exclamation points etc...It made me miss being around you so much! You are an awesome person!!