Monday, March 17, 2014

my greenies.

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  Last week was CRAZY!!  
I'm taking over several classes at the gym for a friend who had surgery, kent is busy at work, we are starting some MAJOR dejunking/cleaning, and to top it all off- we had to 'show' the house to potential renters yesterday!  I'm SO SO SO glad we don't own a home and have to worry about selling it/getting it ready!!  
I think we've already filled at least 20 bags/boxes of things to sell/give away.  Trash wise- we've filled almost as many.  This whole frequent military move thing is going to be very beneficial to me considering I may have some hoarder tendencies.  I just can't believe how much stuff we've been able to accumulate in 3 short years.  I can't imagine if I lived in a place long term!  We will never be able to settle down :)   
I just keep getting more and more excited about our move!  Time is FLYING.  How is it already almost my birthday?!  and speaking of my birthday- I honestly have been telling people the past few weeks my WRONG age.  I am more than happy to state that I am NOT turning 34!  I am only going to be 33!!  it was a pleasant surprise when Kent did the math for me to prove it.
This week is going to be ALL ME! we've got TONS planned.  Hopefully it will include some great blog posts.

Hooray for holidays!!  I've been smiling all day as I see people decked out in green on the street, at the store, at the gym!  I love that so many people are willing to do something as silly as all wear green just for fun.  We may even have green mac and cheese for diner tonight.  We are going ALL out :)

Ike does that little eye trick whenever the camera comes out.
Metta's jeans are 3T (for next year) and her shirt is a 12 month dress (from last year).  I'm thrifty like that.  her golden shoes and red pigtails are the perfect touch.

 I asked them to 'scream like a leprechaun'.  this is what I got.

Zeb was a good sport and wore green to school, too.  He is pretty tired at the end of the day and I let him take some time to 'relax' everyday when he gets home!  he's got homework and piano practicing to attack after his break.  
He's doing really well with piano.  He really likes learning- and I think that Piano is no different. I'm amazed that he is picking up on things so quickly.  I'm still hoping he's got Kent's musical abilities :)


Annie Oswald said...

Wahoo! A blogpost!

For Zeb: what' green and Irish and sits in the backyard all summer?


Amber and Travis said...

Those pictures of Metta and Ike are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!