Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fatty fat Tuesday.

I'm so glad we've lived in Ohio and learned to love and embrace Fat Tuesday!  what isn't to love and embrace about a day to feast on Paczki?!  It's a pretty great tradition that we will definitely continue.  Just don't tell my mom- because she thinks donuts are as bad as cigarettes!!!

After preschool we went with some friends to a local bakery- Granny C's (THE BEST)- to get some fresh paczki!  Like I said- I don't love donuts- but on days like this you HAVE to take a bite or two.  I got a couple extra for Kent and Zeb.  Zeb would be SO mad if he saw this picture and I didn't save him one! kent, too for that matter.
 Metta was being weird about eating earlier in the morning- but a donut obviously cured her of whatever the previous ailment was! I told her to take a BIG bite for the picture.  She obliged.
Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent.  If I'm going to celebrate Fat Tuesday- I should also probably continue the natural progression of the holidays.  I'd never heard of Lent growing up- but have come to love it in Ohio.  I'm planning to participate in a few of my own ways over the next forty days.  Any suggestions/ideas from my friends who are true 'Lenters'?  what are you doing??

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