Thursday, June 23, 2011

adventures in the new neighborhood!

Kent officially started residency the Monday after graduation- but the real stuff (long hours/nights/etc.) doesn't start until July 1st- so for now we are just enjoying a month of easy hours and a real paycheck :)

Yesterday I made a quick trek back to Toledo to take care of a few unfinished things, return a library DVD, pick up left items, and see some friends.  It was fast and short- but really nice.

Tuesday Kent got off super early and we spent the afternoon checking out our new neighborhood.

We've got THE greatest neighborhood pool!  There's a kiddie pool, lap pool, diving board, and regular pool area!  It's AMAZING.  Too bad I don't love to swim!  But I do love the  kiddie area and we'll be going frequently- as long as the constant thunderstorms let up!

There's also a playground down by the pool area.  Zeb found himself in a precarious situation on the monkey bars.  They are in a giant arc and he got to the top with no way to get down.
We also found a very cool 'hidden passageway'- according to Zeb.  He LOVES things like that right now and insisted on going exploring into the woods! It was a pretty cool little area- although very hot and muggy.
The kids LOVED throwing rocks in the water and 'hunting for cool things'.
So far so good here in Dayton :)  I really miss the good friends I had in Toledo but I realize it takes time to start over and get into those types of relationships again!  I'm just doing everything I can to stay busy! Just today I went in and signed the papers to start working at the YMCA here!  I'm super excited and teach my first class on Saturday!!  I'm addicted to being busy and I'm glad I've got stuff started up to keep me going.


Nate and Jessica said...

I swear we are so much alike in some weird ways. I have to stay busy too...but I dont and then I go crazy. CRAZY. I miss all that beautiful green.

Annie O said...

LOVE the Zeb face on the monkey bars. I wanted to reach out and help him down. Can't wait to see your new place. Maybe we should save our money and all come to you for Thanksgiving?

yaya said...

Cool pool! Looks like it was a private party too. That pool area looks so much like our public pool here in Ashland. Have fun teaching your first class!

Jill Lau said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well. Matthew misses Zeb too!! Awesome that they have a Y for you to work at again and I am very jealous of the neighborhood pool. Thank goodness for blogs to keep in touch!

Renae said...

Your neighborhood seems great! It was fun to visit with you. Post pictures of your new place!