Thursday, June 30, 2011

dayton summer

 I was watching the weather earlier today and I am SO SO SO glad that we are in Dayton and not in San Antonio. Or in half the other states across the country!  our highs have been mid-eighties with low humidity here and it has been pure heaven. This is what summer should be like!!

We've been playing like crazy this week and I have just a few pictures.

Kent and the rugrats love throwing around  boomerangs in the backyard!  Our backyard has it's own little jungle.  Half is shaded- half is not. We have the greatest deck and patio.  It's perfect, really.
 Unless, of course, you aren't any good at boomerang tossing. And then you are constantly searching for the mis-thrown ones!
We also have a fabulous splash pad less than a mile from our house.  Splash pads are fabulous inventions.
Tomorrow starts Kent's first 'real' day of residency.  And because of the holiday- he actually gets a four day weekend. This residency thing isn't too bad so far :)  not a bad way to start residency!  Hopefully we'll get some good pictures this weekend.


yaya said...

Your yard looks great and I hope to see pics of the house too...and I love those water parks, we have one here at the Kroc center that is so nice and free! Have a great 4th!

Michelle said...

Your yard looks FABULOUS!! So nice.

Laney said...

Someday you should put a splash pad in your backyard. Can you imagine how great that would be?