Sunday, June 26, 2011

did you see a goat born this weekend?!

This past week we got the sicks at our house.  A little vomiting- diarrhea-some fevers- sore throats-headaches-sinus pain- you know. The regular.  Everybody got it in some form. I was thankfully spared everything but the minor headaches and sinus issues.  And it's about stinking time. I'm the one who's had the throw-ups the past THREE TIMES!

Friday night Kent was still sick so we decided to get some Papa Murphy's pizza (I'm so happy they have it here!!!) and stay in.  But then I just couldn't take it. They were doing constant flyovers of cool planes that we could see from our yard and that night there was going to be a huge fireworks show on base. Since Kent is working during the 4th of July fireworks- I decided we HAD to go and watch the base fireworks!!  We left our house at 9:30- saw the ten o'clock fireworks and made it home by eleven with the boys fast asleep in their carseats.

We just put out or blankets on a grassy hill and enjoyed the show. They were actually pretty good fireworks and I think we made some family memories.  Kent keeps reminding me that Zeb is going to be remembering stuff we do from here on out so we have to make good memories :)
 Ike was adorable with his 'bobo'.  He kept hugging him and telling him about the fireworks. and then he threw him in the road.  Such a little turkey right now.
Saturday was even better. I taught my first bootcamp class here and loved it.  We went to a church service activity, did some of our own yard work (it's taking some adjusting getting used to having our own yard!!), and then had an adventurous afternoon with friends.

We took a short drive out to the 'Young's Jersey Dairy' in Yellow Springs, Ohio, with some friends and had a blast.
I'm sure we looked like quite the spectacle with all of our kidlets running around- but we loved it. And the weather was perfect.  Warm and sunny but not hot or humid.
Our boys have no fear when it comes to animals. I think we actually cured them of the fear when we tortured them at the Safari last year.  If you haven't read that post- you must. Our kiddos loved feeding the goats and letting them lick their hands and arms.  It totally grossed me out.
Everybody (including the dads) loved riding the 'moovers and the shakers' train.
Here's our party of people :)
Zeb was so excited to be in the plane caboose.
Then we played a round of 'putt-putt'.  That's miniature golf for all you non midwesterners.  This is where we looked most like a zoo.  The kids had so much fun and did astoundingly well until about hole 14.
Ike chose a pink ball and a pink club.  It's his favorite color right now.
I think this is hole 14.  All five kiddos trying to play the same hole at the same time. We went straight to 18 after this.
To end out the afternoon we got ridiculously large ice cream cones and made an insane mess. The ice cream was really good and really fresh.
Just before leaving we decided to take one last look in the animal barn- and stumbled upon quite the experience.  We spotted what appeared to be a VERY uncomfortable goat in the corner. The goat started writhing and bleating loudly- and then her belly started heaving. She was totally in labor and we saw the whole thing from start to finish.  The goat gave birth right there in front of us. It was really really amazing to watch. 

Don't mind the graphic pictures :)

Thanks for the great afternoon, Stewarts!!

We can't promise anything that exciting for visitors but we'd still love to take anybody to the dairy :)


Michelle said...

That is amazing!! So cool that you got to see that.

The ice cream looks fabulous. That sounds so good!

Looks like a really cool place!

yaya said...

Hahahaha! You crack me up! Only you would find a goat in the throes of delivery and I love that you showed the pics too! Now, all you Moms out there, don't you feel foolish for asking for an epidural?? Sure looks like your finding your way in Dayton and enjoying all the local color you can get!

Susan said...

Glas to see things are going well in Dayton. Can't wait to read more about your adventures, and see some pics of the house!

Kim T. said...

That's AWESOME!!!!