Tuesday, June 21, 2011

last few days.

Here's a SUPER belated zeb and henry birthday post !  Zeb's birthday was june 1- and henry's was june 6th- so we had a little party for the two of them when the Hawes came in to town!

Nothing more fitting than a race track for these two crazy boys. They both adore trains/cars/trucks/planes, etc.  I really wanted to do a fancy fun cake for Zeb's b-day but all of our stuff was packed by the time I remembered!
I'm not entirely certain why I decided to get black frosting on a toddler's birthday cake- but they did love it.

We made a last great trek to the zoo for the kiddos' party and they loved it. 

I have no idea what Laney and Henry are touching here.  It looked like a ginormous rat.
Ike dropped his popcorn on the road and would not budge until every last kernel was picked up.

Kent's parents took the little rascals on the train and had a blast. Not once while we lived in toledo did I ride the train to see the 'African Safari'. I guess I'm just too cheap!
I had a bunch more pictures- but our computer is being looney and I can't access them right now. 

Here are three last pictures of our Toledo adventures!  I got way too stressed and busy the last two days to get too emotional about leaving- but when I had to say goodbye to Roxanne- there were some tears. She is the most amazing lady EVER.  Every day in the winter she'd scrape my car windows AND shovel a path from the door of our apt to the car! She'd always leave treats for the boys hanging on our apartment door and on the car.  She really is one of my favorite things about toledo!  and Ellen- the most amazing manager ever.  We were so well taken care of there. I really really miss them.  We love you Roxanne and Ellen!!!!!
The last morning looking out the window of our apartment. I miss toledo a lot.  I even miss our cramped apartment :)
And the HUGE truck that BARELY fit our stuff.  My goodness. Every packing calculator I tried said our stuff would fit with extra room- but it was mighty tight- and this thing was a BEAST!!!


yaya said...

Isn't is amazing how much "stuff" you accumulate in a short time? It's the kiddos fault...that's my story and I'm sticking to it! No matter where you live, it's the people more than the place that can make it great. Hope you find more folks like them in Dayton!

Annie O said...

I'll actually miss Toledo too. Can't wait to get to know Dayton though. Hopefully we'll see you soon. And wish I could have been at that birthday party.