Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'll get some pictures of adults- I promise!!

 The rugrats are just easier to take pictures of!  The past two days have been action packed- and we've got two more scheduled :)  Kind of our last big family weekend with no worries!!

Friday started out with a visit to the gym. I'll have to get pictures of the ymca here. They've got a giant slide/climbing sturcture (like at mcdonald's playlands) for the kids to play on- and our boys love it. We spend time there every single day!  and even better was that Kent got to come. He even went down the slide with them and made it lots more fun than I do!

After that we took the monkeys to CARS 2.  I can't believe how much movie tickets cost!!  the boys brought their race cars with them and had a pretty good time. The movie got a little long and Zeb cried when he thought the bomb attached to Mater was going to blow up and kill them all.  Definitely not as great as the first- but they still like the toys.
 We've also spent the last two days playing in the yard. Have I mentioned how AMAZING it is to have a YARD?! and a hose!!!  wow.
 I love this picture.  Today while I was cleaning the kitchen- the boys were out playing on the deck.  Zeb peaked his head through the door and asked: "Mom, can we put our swimming suits on?".  I told him no because we were headed to a barbecue with friends shortly.  As soon as I finished loading the dishwasher I went outside and found this:
 I never actually said they couldn't go swimming. I'm going to have to be more specific with my answer next time.  Funny thing is that Zeb can NEVER get his clothes off by himself when asked- so I'm not sure how this exactly happened.


Michelle said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! That is classic.

Sounds like Summer is in full swing over there!

Kim T. said...

I love little nudy-patoodies! The picture is perfect! I'm glad to hear Dayton is treating you well!

yaya said...

That last pic is so hilarious! It looks like the bug eyes on that pool are even surprised! That's a keeper, show to the girlfriend, senior farewell slideshow moment!