Friday, July 29, 2011

the perfect kid task and more of our place...

 I have found the perfect task to keep these kiddos busy for thirty or so minutes every day.  The car wash.

I just send them out into the garage with wet rags and they scrub their little hearts out.  It isn't necessarily super effective- but they actually get a lot of dirt off- and they stay happily busy for awhile!
 The next pictures show some of our other rooms. The more I look around our house the more I realize how much of what we own has come from other people.  Thank-you! Thank-you! I'm such a cheapo and love that so many friends have given us their old stuff :)  It's new to us!!!

Here's the upstairs kiddo/guest bath.  The whole matching set is from a friend in Toledo who was moving and getting rid of it :)  Who ever thought I'd have a matching bathroom?!?  The kids love it.

 And the play room. My favorite part of the house.  This is where the toys stay. They aren't allowed downstairs or in the boys bedroom once bed time comes - or the toy monster comes and gobbles them up.  I love having space that we don't have to clean every night. I can shut the door and put the kids to bed without a mess at their feet,
 A huge portion of the stuff in here came from friends/family and yard sales. I really am embarrassed about how many toys my kids have. It's ridiculous.  I am proud of the cute wall decals, though. Yard sale. 25 cents for the lot.
Please come and visit!!!


Michelle said...

Your house is so nice and cute!

I love the car wash boys. My kids are always begging to wash the car .... that's so strange to me. hahaha.

yaya said...

When they get bigger, the rags turn to hoses and pails and water fights! Fun times. Your have a kiddie paradise there in your new home. I bet everyone is loving it!