Monday, July 18, 2011

odds and ends and our happenings.

The insane weather around here has created a whole lot of laziness. We all feel tired and groggy half the time.   here's our current weather:
95.3 °F
Feels Like 111 °F

DISGUSTING. Maybe that's why Ike keeps falling asleep on the kitchen floor!!
and maybe it's why he's drinking ketchup?! probably not.  This kid totally has my taste buds.  No- I don't drink ketchup- but I do LOVE it.  His favorite snack is a bowl of luke warm black beans slathered in as much ketchup as we'll give him. He's nuts.
Here's Zeb asking for a picture in his self proclaimed favorite shirt. I can get him to NOT wear it more than two days in a row by allowing him to wear it to bed. After he's slept in it- it seems rational to him that it can't be worn out in public that day. I'm not sure how this kid's mind runs- but I'll take whatever works.

And here he is in the very shirt posing next to all of the nintendo toys he stumbled upon at the store.  He loves taking pictures and sending them to Kent.  And he LOVES nintendo.  Every day he wakes up asking if we can go to Nannie Annie's house to play the wii. Too bad the drive is 26 hours.  He's going to have to be happy with his daily DS minutes.
 Kent has been busy working lately. It's nice to be into a regular routine again. He's home by six at the latest- usually by 5 or five-thirty and hasn't had to work weekends yet. Our schedule will get harder soon- but I'm super happy for now!  I've been busy teaching classes, going to dentist appointments ( I had my THIRD root canal in as many years!! and it was the most painful thing EVER!!!), and starting physical therapy for my knee/hip.  I LOVE the air force and the amazing and free medical care we are getting here.  We are so so blessed.

Oh-and we went and saw HARRY POTTER.  We first went to the coolest Harry Potter party at a friend's place with fever fudge, cockroach clusters, Butterbeer and more delicious Harry Potter fare.  It really was so much fun! and then to the movie.  Every time we go to see a Harry Potter movie I remember why we RARELY go to the movies.  This was our fifth time to the full price movies since we've been married!! that's seven years.  We spent nearly thirty dollars on tickets. INSANE. But Harry Potter on the big screen was definitely worth every penny. And check out the AMAZING souvenir I brought home. I realize this is a ridiculous picture- but how cool?!?!  Harry Potter 3d glasses.
 We LOVED the movie.  As soon as it started I got all glum- realizing that this is it. I even shed a tear when Snape died. I'm just so devastated that it's all over.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

What? Snape dies??

yaya said...

I think Ike puts all that ketchup on to smother the taste of the beans.

Laney said...

where did you get the corn t-shirt? it's kind of weird.

Philip Oswald said...

Your mom and dad have souvenir Harry Potter 3d glasses as well.

Kent and Leisy said...

laney- it's a 'corn-DOG' shirt. from a yard sale.

The Semrads said...

okay me and Daysa were sitting here with mom and she explains that its corn DOG.. we laughed. slow blondes.. and Laney!