Wednesday, July 6, 2011

 Happy belated fourth of july.   And don't you like this lovely framed picture?  thanks to my pleas for help decorating- I got some great suggestions and made this beauty for $1.50.  Did you all know there are sites all over the internet with free prints/art/etc?!  I'm not a 'craft blog' browser- but I may have start checking them occasionally.  I printed off some of my favorite freebies at Sam's Club for super cheap. Plus I already had frames!! thanks for the idea, kenna! 

                       I got this beauty pictured below, too (plus a few others not pictured).  
The home print (from a free site) and the cross stitch (from my sis in law) are going in the dining room for now.

 On the 4th we celebrated with a barbecue for lunch and a barbecue for dinner! The fourth always makes me really homesick- but we tried to make ourselves as busy as possible all day!

Here's the Zebster with his pal, Barrick, at our ward bbq.
and the Ikester with a football. He always finds the balls.
Our day was really fun. full of great foot and lots of new friends.
The kids got a little crabby with the heat and no naps- but we still managed a good day  Here's Zeb in his angry stance.  He's such a grumpy little man sometimes.
Luckily most of the day was smiles. 


Jill Lau said...

I love the pictures; such a fun and cheap thing. Please share the sites you have found!!

DR. Suresh Joshi said...
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Aleese and Scott said...

The pictures turned out awesome, they are so cute! Thanks for such a fun weekend!

Also I LOVE the picture of Zeb and Barrick such handsome little guys!