Sunday, July 10, 2011

free food?! we're in.

 It's tradition now. I think this is our fourth year in a row getting free food on Chic-fil-A's cow appreciation day (we really missed our toledo pals this year, though)!  you dress up like a cow and get your pick of the menu!
 I can never believe just how much free food we get here every year! and it's so good. Something about their polynesian sauce takes me back to junior high and the days of hanging out at The University Mall on saturday afternoons.

Zeb remembered going last year and was really excited for this year. I was SHOCKED at how many people were dressed up this year. In Toledo we always looked a little foolish- we totally stood out.  But here- we fit right in.  The entire restaurant was PACKED with cows.

 We went as soon as Kent got off work- and so he was still dressed for work.  He isn't allowed to alter the uniform with spots or anything- so I made him a cow mask. 
 Ike was a little nervous to meet the cow- but warmed up in the end.
 These cow costumes cost me two dollars a piece at the GAP many many years ago. They are actually sized 6-12 months- but I think we'll be able to fit Zeb in it at least one more year! My costume was some remnants of kent's woody costume and my jessie costume from Halloween!
 Here's Kent herding our little cows to the car. It was a pretty muggy day but the boys loved their costumes.
Can't wait for next year!


Jessica said...

That's so funny! I didn't know Chik-Fil-A did that. Looks like I'll be dressing up like a cow next year for sure! lol

Laney said...

love it. And I am so sad the we don't have a chick fil a out here.

Nate and Jessica said...

Hilarious that they are wearing snap bottoms. ROCK ON UNIVERSITY MALL 15 YEARS AGO.

brittani c. said...

I always think of you when I see the advertisements on the money-saving mom blog sites. Is it that surprising that we don't have Chik-fil-a here? We've got lots of cows around here, so why not?