Monday, December 17, 2012

Best past few days ever. Kent is HOME.  

He loved running around with a bulletproof vest and rubber rifle while avoiding fake land mines and pretending he was a GI Joe Medic- but I'm just happy to have some holiday time with him! because we ship out this week and leave him to continue working.  I'm so blessed to have a husband with a great job and a great work ethic- even if it means I don't spend as much time with him as I'd like! Thanks, Kent- for doing it all.

The past few days with Kent have been FULL of festivities!  I love christmas parties!  I love ALL parties really.  

Friday night was Kent's work party. I didn't get any pictures- but it was great.  Kids were invited but I threatened to not go if Kent wanted to take the kids. It was a fancy dress up party and I had no desire to dress up and then wrangle kiddos while eating fancy hors d'oeuvres that they wouldn't touch.  It was lovely to have a night with just Kent.

Saturday night we had our Christmas Extravaganza.  Wear your most festive outfits- and bring your tackiest gift.  It was so fun.  My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

I got my sweater on a black friday special at Meijer. Kent's is from the Goodwill. The mistletoe and antlers are from Target.

I didn't get nearly enough pictures.  I missed most of the couples who came.

I need to get myself a singing tie and candy cane turtle neck.
The white elephant gift exchange is my FAVORITE part of any party.
Check out the Unicorn picture.  I found that beauty at the goodwill. The Darth Vader Mug (and another wookie mug) were the hot items of the night.
We won Kent's hat and an assortment of canned fish from Russia. Just what I wanted.
Two of the best gifts that night-  wwf talking figurines.
And best sweaters of the night. Amber's santa was a toilet seat cover?!? and Travis' sweater lit up.  Very nice, Barlows.
The rugrats are so excited for Christmas.  We haven't seen some of our family for TWO YEARS!!  that it waaaaay too long and I can't wait for the parties.  Plus- everybody needs to meet our Miss Metta.  Her Auntie Metta has never even seen her in real life!!

She looks more and more like an elf every day with her red scrappy hairdos and her pointy ears. The striped leggings help, too.  She is the funniest little girl.  
And I had to include this picture.  She constantly has her mouth wide open.  It must be genetic- because I have the exact same problem. Always talking or eating or laughing.  She'll even pose like this!  really.

And finally- I HAD to include this.   It's classic.  Yesterday our home teacher called and asked if he could drop something off for the Holidays. Guess what he brought?!  A real live made from scratch ginormous and heavy as a brick classic FRUITCAKE.  He says it's his grandma's recipe.  He also said his wife told him not to deliver them to his families!  that it would be tacky.  

I had to take pictures.  I think if we wrapped it up- it could last for years :)  this thing was a BEAST.
if by chance our home teacher reads this- we ate the whole thing. It was delicious.
Merry Christmas!!


Lyndsay said...

So how long have you been holding onto that unicorn pic for just this sort of party? It is classic!
In the pic of Metta with her mouth open, she's SO Ike to me. She's so cute.

Amber and Travis said...

I keep meaning to tell you that I love your hair lately! It looked so good at the party. I don't know if you just got it trimmed, but it is a great length on you!

Also, I love the picture with your mouths opened! It is sooo you and Metta! I love you both!

yaya said...

Looks like so much fun! Have a blast with your family....and hang in there care takes no holidays!

Motivated Mama said...

Great pictures! It was a fun night. Thank you so much for hosting!

Cynthia said...

So fun! and your hair looks really pretty Leisy.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Such a cute little elf!!!

HowellAZ said...

Fun, fun, fun! Great idea to take a picture of that fruit cake. It's a winner.

Michelle said...

Funny! :)