Tuesday, December 11, 2012

staying busy without Kent!!

I'm a busybody. And with Kent gone- my busybody goes into full force.  I like to be out and about distracting myself from lonlieness :)

We've had Christmas parties and all sorts of other fun nearly every day!  Just a few days left.

And qunicy has been having all sorts of her own fun :)  here are a few of her antics from the past week!

this one was Zeb's favorite!  She decided to go for a flight on the plane he made at Lowes.

This little trick made Zeb FURIOUS!  He folded his arms and told me he was 'disappointed' in qunicy.  I had been hesitant about having the elf do anything 'naughty' (aren't we trying to get our kids to be nice?!?) but I thought toilet papering the tree would be fun.  Boy- was I wrong.  he got on the bus grumpy because of it.  "What if I need to Poo, mom? and Qunicy used all of our toilet paper??".


Hutch Y. said...

"What if I need to poo?" Hahaha, that is the best.

Pat and Brent said...

How fun is that - naughty elf! Can't wait too see you all. Tell Zeb we have plenty of TP.

Michelle said...


That is seriously funny.

HowellAZ said...

So darn funny! Love that naughty elf!