Sunday, December 9, 2012

here we go....

Trying out the real deal photoshop for the first time.  With Kent gone- I gave myself a goal of jumping into my photoshop elements program and figuring out the basics.  I've never used it before (I've only used  small contrasting/brightening tools already in our windows picture viewer). 

 Here's to hoping it makes a big difference with my picture taking.

And here's to Miss Metta in her Holiday dress.  I bought it at the Gap in 2004 when I worked there right after I got home from my mission.  I paid three dollars! and now- 8 years later- I'm finally using it :) 
Every morning I wake up to find her hair a little wilder and her personality a little crazier.  I'm pretty sure all babies this age are wiggly and extremely vocal (?)- but the other 17 babies at church are a little younger- a lot quieter- and 100% less mobile.  So I feel like she's UNRULY. 


Michelle said...

She is so totally beautiful! I can't wait to meet her in person.

I'm so excited for your awesome skills and ambition in photography. I really want to see your before and afters and get a brief description of what you are trying out in photo shop. Is that too much to ask? I'm trying to live vicariously through your efforts. :) You are so awesome - I really admire how you continually better yourself with new skills and talents. All of your pictures are just beautiful - it's hard to even know what changes you could make!

Julie Sacks said...

Well, for being unruly, she sure is ADORABLE!!! So with photoshop, my favs that are a must for me is the clone stamp tool (gets rid of zits/blemishes), and I love the vignette (the darken edges). For the most part, I just youtube everything to figure it out. Photoshop I think it total key to great pics. Good luck!

dockters said...

Cute Metta!! I LOVE her dress!!

Jake is crazy too...when he's not screaming, he's coloring with markers all over his face or getting into the toothpaste!

How long is Kent gone? Will he be back for Christmas?!?!

I really want to take some photography would be fun to do with you!