Thursday, December 6, 2012

just spreading a little christmas cheer.

  We've succumbed.  The Elf on the Shelf made it into our house.  I remember elves on shelves at my Grandma Oswald's house every Christmas growing up- so this little elf brings back fond memories.  I wasn't going to cave into the insanely overpriced elf until Zeb couldn't stop talking about it.  ALL of his friends have elves on shelves.  Why didn't Santa send us one!?  and then I found the whole book and doll shebang online for 13 bucks.  Still a stretch- but better than the 29.95 Target was asking!!

And so we present- Quincy.  Our elf on the shelf.  Named after Zeb's good pal.
And here are some pics of the rugrats sending Christmas cheer to Kent. He's gone. For waaaay too long (which really isn't all that long) at field combat/casualty training.  I guess it's supposed to be really fun (minus the fact that he has to eat MREs for days on end- which apparently leads to constipation! ha! ).  He's training to be a doctor out in the 'field'- so that way if/when deployment occurs- he's ready :)  

Best picture of the day.  I love her angry face.  
And Zeb- my Christmas tree head.  This Elf thing is getting him so excited.  I love seeing his little eyes light up- and his head churning-while he tried to figure out how it works.
Ike's christmas list is impossible. It grows exponentially each day.  Every commerical he sees- he shouts: "I want that on my Christmas list".  Every store we go to- he adds items to it.  He's even creating Metta's list when things are "too girly" for him.


Dave and Michelle Howell said...

Megan bought an Elf for my house. His name is Dash. My Grandma had one at her house so the tradition keeps on going.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Liezl wants me to write: super duper pooper scooper funny! We love the name. Quincy feels quite honored.

yaya said...

I had never heard of the "elf on the shelf" until this year and now I'm hearing about it everywhere! Sounds like a fun tradition. I think the pic of Metta should be your Christmas card this year! Too funny!

Michelle said...

Don't tell my kids. They have been begging and begging - apparently EVERYONE but them have an elf at their house. So so sad. haha. Maybe I'll invite an elf next year - and just explain to them that the magic only happens when THEY themselves situate (and clean up after) the dang thing. :)

mrs. m said...

Ike's list reminds me of Trinity and Natalie's-they've asked for a baby brother! LOL Too bad they aren't getting one (no baby plans here!)!