Monday, February 27, 2012

27 hours!!!

 only 27 hours until Leap day!!!  ridiculous.  and these kids are ridiculous, too.  aren't these pictures hilarious?!  They've been a little wild the last few days and I'm pretty sure it's because they know that gramps arrives tomorrow.  They know the baby is showing up this week, too- but they seem to be a little more excited for gramps.
these kiddos have been really good lately- but I think that my patience has been wearing a little thin as I get more anxious about the arrival of #3.  Two quiet days in the hospital is starting to sound really nice :)  especially since my dad will be with Zeb and Ike and I won't have anything to stress about. Kent will be able to hang out and rest with me (since he's working nights!!) and it should be quite nice.  As long as it starts with a wonderful epidural.  A leap year baby + epidural = dreams come true.   Hopefully in the next few days I'll be posting some great new pictures and finally figure out if this little one is a boy or girl. Honestly- I'm dying to know!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

177 hours.

 Alright you little rascals- this is it. Your last week as just the two of you.  Live it up.

I don't think the transition will be crazy but who knows.  Any seasoned parents have any 'going from 2 to 3 kid' suggestions? I hear from some that it's the hardest transition- from others that it wasn't hard at all.

We've got gramps coming for a week when rugrat #3 arrives so I think the boys will be amply entertained and spoiled- and after he leaves I plan on sending them to the toy room for hours on end :)   and turning on the tv.

This week they spent a lot of time perfecting their 'hot wheels track'.  We may have to get a few more track extenders to keep them busy.
they rigged it to shoot the cars into their giant car transporter.
As far as I go- I feel like this thing inside of me is going to stay forever.  No real contractions- even when I'm spinning or running.  I do- however- sometimes feel like there is something trying to claw it's way out of me.  I've felt it at the end with all of my kiddos and I'm assuming I'm effacing or dilating or something.  tmi? probably- but this is my blog.

I taught my last bootcamp class yesterday and I have my last doctor's visit tomorrow.  How did it all come to an end so quickly?!?  I'm having a lot of anxiety trying to keep myself busy this final week.  I wake up super early because my brain clicks on and won't stop.  I really should deep clean my house- but I abhor cleaning.  Of course Kent's hours are atrocious for these few weeks and so I'm even having to entertain myself in the evening!!

Luckily I am teaching preschool this week and that has taken up some mornings and planning time. We are learning about insects. Notice how the kids' pictures are morphologically correct.  All legs coming out of the thorax- and not abdomen or head.  This is the real deal.  Entymology at its finest. We watched movies of dung beetles and ate bee barf (honey) with our snacks.
I think Zeb remembered everything from this lesson when I taught it last year for his preschool. He's one smart cookie.
I bet Ike doesn't remember a thing when I use it again next year for his preschool :).  These boys are so different in their talents and abilities.

This picture just makes me giggle. His fat little face and funny look.  I think he's going to be our chunky kid.  He's in the 75th percentile for weight and LOVES food.
and zeb. he's not going to be chunky.   I love this haircutting picture of him.

and his valentine's writing one.

 I'll try to get in a few more blog posts and pictures in over the next few days!

I've just got to keep this thing in for 7.5 more days.   177 more hours.  wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So today- on the 14th of February- Kent and I celebrate our 14th Valentine's Day as best friends- and he works a 14 hour shift :)  I sent him with 14 cards/notes to open every hour of his shift so he wouldn't feel  unloved :)

and in honor of valentine's day - I'll continue my tradition of reminding myself why I'm so happy by listing 14 of my loves.

♥  Kent. oh so much.  he just gets better and better each and every day.  

I mentioned this yesterday- but I ♥ Target.  What a heavenly heavenly place. I think I'll fill Kent's absence today by visiting target.  It's almost the same thing.

Even though I tend to complain a lot- I really do ♥ my rugrats.  It's amazing how these little creatures (I am referring to my kiddos) can just burrow their way into my heart.

I ♥ my savior, Jesus Christ, and his perfect gospel.  How am I the most blessed person on earth? to have what I have and know what I know is truly the greatest gift.

I ♥ Ohio.  I think that I was born destined to spend part of my existence here. Such a wonderful place with such wonderful people.

And although I may not be saying this when Kent is spending six months on the other side of the world- I ♥ the U.S. Air Force.  So many blessings have come our way as we've been a part of the military.  

This may make me sound so cliche- but I really really ♥ my minivan. Life changing. Have you ever been able to push a button and have your doors open up? or have your bum warmed by your seat? pure delight.

I still really ♥ my YMCA and a great workout.  There is almost nothing better than a hard workout or a good long run or spin.  Definitely my therapy.  

I will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart for m&ms. I ♥ them more than words can express.  Especially the holiday colored ones. Why do they taste so much better when pink in February and red and green in December?!

I ♥ losing myself in a good tv show.  Kent watches project runway with me every week, still. And we laugh uncontrollably through Modern Family.  And when he's working nights I push through seasons of Prison Break.  What a wonderfully terrible time wasting vice :)

I also ♥ getting lost in a good book. or magazine for that matter.   

I ♥ having something to look forward to.  Like holidays and parties and girls nights and Kent coming home from work.  I think life should be celebrated EVERY day so there's always something to look forward to.

I ♥ to eat. food in general.  If I was half as dedicated about my eating as I am at the gym- I'd be super woman. Too bad I love it so much. and too bad it tastes so good!!

and finally- I ♥ my family. my church family. my extended family. my in-law family. my friend family. all of them.  I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such great people.

Monday, February 13, 2012

some pretty bad pictures....

We are trying to make the most of our last few weeks as a family of four!  And this weekend was pure heaven.  Basically our Valentine's celebration.

Kent got off early on Friday and made it to the Valentine's Dance at church- and then had the entire weekend off!  we went to the gym Saturday and had breakfast at the 'Heights cafe' here in Dayton. Their french toast is divine.

Then we spent the afternoon 'glow in the dark bowling' on base!  Zeb didn't love the loud music- but had fun bowling. Ike loved everything about it.

I love this picture of the boys. I have no idea why I took it. I just can't believe that I may be outnumbered 4 to 1 any day now!!   but if it is a boy- we are in SERIOUS need of name suggestions.  It's got to go with Zeb and Ike.  Original and unique but also traditional and/or family name. ????  Please- send them our way!!
I loved the little bowling shoes for the rugrats.

and they loved the cool dino ramp.  Zeb even bowled a strike with it.  But I ended up winning. I beat Kent by one point and the wager was dinner. He prepared, served, and cleaned up Sunday dinner entirely by himself.  He made his divine -from scratch- chicken cordon bleu with white wine sauce, swiss mashed potatoes, candied carrots, and green beans. When somebody else makes and cleans up dinner it somehow tastes SOOO much better.
I've also decided to include a picture of me and my pregnant belly.  37 weeks.
Yes- I hate pictures of my pregnant self.  Just because.  No real reason.   Maybe if I actually tried smiling or posing for one- I'd like them better!  But for all you belly picture wanters (M and Kristy!!)- here you go :)  I really am bowling here. It isn't staged.  I took a bowling class in college but seemed to have forgotten everything. I'll just blame the growing parasite inside of me for my bad form and awkwardness!!  just maybe we'll get a better (planned) picture before the rugrat arrives.
This pregnancy has been remarkably smooth and fast. I can't believe that I've been pregant ever since we moved to dayton!!!  I stopped teaching classes at the gym last week- but I'm still going and feel great.  Honestly though- I can't wait to run and workout withOUT a giant belly.

It's pretty crazy that it's almost over.  I can actually say that this time around I'm more excited for the arrival of a new little rugrat than I ever have been.  I think I feel ready for once. Zeb and Ike are well behaved and take care of themselves so well.  They are old enough that I don't feel like I still have another baby to take care of!  Besides the normal 'lack of sleep anxiety'- and the fact that I don't really love babies- I'm totally ready. AS LONG AS I GET THE EPIDURAL :)  so keep me and my drug wishes in your prayers. please.

And since I'm making requests- I thought I'd post some of my others here for Kent (or anyone else) to see:

With valentines day- and the birth- and MY birthday coming up- I thought I'd make it easier and provide a list. I usually like only surprises- but considering Kent is the busiest he's EVER been- I owe it to him to make it a little easier.

1. after I have the baby I want a smoothie ( I like the peach and pineapple- and tropical type ones) and sandwich from Tropical smoothie cafe. I HATE hospital food and am not really hungry after having kiddos- but fresh food is the one thing that sounds delicious.

2. I need/want a long black (or any great) necklace.  any ideas on where to get one?!  I've seen a few at target but have no other ideas!!  where do you get your jewelry?

3.  I want a flash scoop.
preferrably before the baby arrives.

4. when all else fails- get me a target gift card. Nothing makes me happier than browsing the aisles of target with a giftcard to spend.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

one more for the kiddos.

 This warm weather is killing me.  Have I mentioned that yet?!  do you really think it's possible that we are going to skip winter altogether?  seriously, though.  Has anyone seen an entirely skipped winter???  because that's what it's starting to look like to me.

Short sleeve game of frisbee in february in ohio?!  Zeb's screaming 'GOAL' here.  The boys made up their own little game and went at it for ages.
And here's our little athlete chucking the frisbee.  Tonight we turned the super bowl on and he excitedly asked: "football?!  I LOVE football!".  We don't watch many sports in this house- so when they come on- he gets excited.

their crazy 'goal' faces.  creepy little monkeys.
This past week was full of fabulous celebrations.  Ike hit the big 3.  Our rugrat is three years old- but he doesn't believe it.  He wouldn't accept the change to 2 last year either.   Weirdo.  I made him this '3' pendant to wear all day- and he still wouldn't accept it.  whatever.
 He's totally going to be our little attention getting kid.  He loves to be goofy and a little loud and little crazy.  We decorated the kitchen for his birthday and he was really excited to see the streamers and banner.
 I unveiled the cake and took this picture immediately.  I knew this cake was going to be an extreme hit with him.  He LOVES candy and especially chocolate.  I stole the idea from pinterest and just shrunk it to kiddo size. CRAZY easy.
 He had a lot of kit kats and m&ms with very little cake.  Totally has my taste buds.
 I am grateful to pinterest for so many great ideas- but it makes me feel so unoriginal.  I would have stolen some great cake idea from the internet anyway- but nobody would have known that previously.  Now everybody knows exactly where we get our ideas and nobody can pass off being original or creative.  Darn you pinterest.
 I love this picture of Ike.  It just shows how grown up he's become.
 This kid had soooo much fun playing with his new toys with Zeb.  Don't tell him- but this was a Christmas present we decided to hold off on because he got so much already!  goodwill- $1.50 cents.  HOURS of laughing and racing cars.  And don't mind his girly outfit :)  he and Zeb had gone to a friend's birthday  party that day (Ike totally thought it was his birthday party, too!!) and Ike had to borrow some clothes.  They only have girls in the house :)
This picture is such a good depiction of the boys. They really really are best friends.  Zeb says they are 'kind of twins'. They can make each other happier than anything you've ever seen.

Happy birthday little rugrat. Love you to pieces.