Sunday, January 27, 2013

I love when it snows.

Zeb's bus leaves at 7:30 in the morning so it tends to make for some chilly mornings.  Even though it's been TERRIBLY cold lately- I really enjoy our little walks to and from his stop on the corner.  Usually Metta is either still asleep or I can just chuck her into her crib for the five minutes I'm gone. Ike insists on making the trek with me- and then moans the entire time about how cold he is!  It's just now starting to be light again when we're out.  We always say our morning prayers on the walk.  Zeb and Ike close their eyes- and I take them each by one hand.  Ike has faceplanted it several times.  

This week we had a pretty decent storm that was forecasted to bring an inch.  We got six.  Weather people are not terribly accurate in Ohio.  They say we are supposed to get into the sixties on Tuesday but I'm hoping they are wrong. I want the snow to stick around!!

Friday- the majority of the snow fell while we were at the gym.  I got stuck in the gym parking lot and then couldn't even get a foot up our driveway!!  my beloved van is not so fabulous in the snow.
Ike and I spent quite awhile shoveling and messing around.   And Zeb took this picture for us-he's a budding photographer! He begs to use my camera whenever I get it out.


Julie Sacks said...

uggg... you make me cold just looking at you! I took Cohen to school at 7:30 this morning with my windows rolled down, it was 65. Way to go Zeb on the picture!

yaya said...

We had snow and ice on the ground this morning...grass and mud when I got home! I hate that Zeb is a better photographer than me..not fair! Love your hat BTW!