Tuesday, January 29, 2013

true ragamuffin.

Metta really is so much fun.  and hard work.  I never forget how difficult newborns are- but I always forget about this phase.  The one after baby and before toddler.  I feel like Metta's life is hanging in the balance every moment of every day.  Is she going to gouge her eyes out with some random pair of scissors she found under the couch?  Is she going to choke on the nasty apple core she rummaged out of the garbage can and is now eating?!  Is she going to somehow get past the baby gate and tumble down the scary basement stairs to her death?!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  It really is a miracle to me that there aren't more tragic accidents with these rugrats.  We've had one experience this year with Metta where I am 100% positive she was being watched over/held back.

this picture KILLS me.
Kent tried to 'do' metta's hair for church this week and this is what it looked like by the end of morning.  We have yet to find a bow or barette that will stay put.  This was the aftermath of gel.  Her hair is too fluffy and straight.  Gel is a no go. Stretchy headbands are our safest bet- and we are lucky to get her to keep them on these days.  Here you can even see the mark left by her headband.  The hair all around the headband goes crazy, too.

 These next three pictures are pics that Zeb took.  I made sure the settings on my camera were right- and he took a bunch of shots :)  He thinks that pictures I take automatically appear on the blog.

This one is my very favorite.  Metta really does love to kiss me- and she's learning to close her mouth when she leans in for it.  Zeb got the timing just right!  I love the squished little nose and funny look she's giving me.
 Zeb is going to type in the descriptions for the next pictures!

metta   leisy   and   ike.
 leisy   is   crazy!  with   metta.


Amber and Travis said...

Wow Zeb! I am very impressed at the pictures you took! You are a great photographer!

I especially love the description "Leisy is crazy with Metta." It made me laugh!

I love Metta and her crazy troll hair!

Aleese and Scott said...

Zeb did a great job, and I Love Mettas hair!

Annie Oswald said...


A Valentine package is on its way to you. The Rent Collector is inside. Let me know when you get it.

HowellAZ said...

Metta is so darn cute and I think the crazy hair just adds to her charm! Yes, this stage is killer...of course Eden is 15 months so I think I am wanting it to end sooner than it may happen for my sanity's sake.
Good thing you have two older helpers to take pictures and whatnot. I think you passed your expert picture-taking abilities to Zeb. He's awesome at it!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

So cute! Great pictures and captions, Mr. Zeb!