Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the end of the pictures....

kent got five glorious days off for Christmas Break this year and we somehow managed to get him to utah super early his first day- and home late his last day so it actually felt like we had him for almost five whole days. And lucky him- he had two DIRECT and PERFECT flights to and from Ohio :)  Remember my hell trip to Utah? going home was bad, too.  Our flights were cancelled.  We ended up getting home- just from different airports and seven hours later than anticipated.

We spent most of the nights while he was in town at his parent's place.  And it snowed like CRAZY. I am so incredibly happy that we had such a white christmas.  It's the top item on my Christmas list every year.  It snowed and snowed and snowed from the 24th to the 29th when we left!!  and we all enjoyed it!!

I brought all of the kids snow gear- we just forgot it at my parent's place :)

Best part about being at the Miller's place is the 4-wheelers! raining, snowing, hot- doesn't matter- they are always out!  In high school Kent even used to sneak them out and we'd ride around in rain storms :)
Here's Kent getting ready to hit them with a snowball!

Nice snowman, Kent.  I make my family pose for everything so I can figure out more camera settings!

ethan.  I love that Zeb and Ike have such great cousins their age to play with!!
the newest cousin- Ella.
hanna banana!  Hanna is one of my favorites because she's so spunky AND has red hair.

there are always some pretty awesome BINGO nights at grandma and grandpa Miller's house!!

the prizes are like Christmas all over again!!

Somehow I only got two pictures Christmas day.  Metta loved the wrapping paper this year. She ATE a ton of it.

Ike using somebody else's present :)
Here's Kent's sister, Michelle, and her family. They grow so fast!!! when I met Kent- Marissa was just a little girl!!
And Kristy's family!
M- I hope michelle got some pictures with you in them because somehow I did NOT!!

And the last picture of my favorite Zeb. Gma Pat got him this shirt that he LOVES.  "Cleverly disguised as a kid".  He thinks it's hilarious.

I'm so insanely happy that we got to go to Utah this year for Christmas and see EVERYBODY.  It was the most wonderful trip and I'd do it all again- even with all of my travel snafus!!

Thanks to all of our family for all of the gifts, help, borrowed cars, food, and love!! We miss you already!!!


Motivated Mama said...

Some beautiful pics here, Leisy. You're such a talented photographer!

M- your favorite said...

Fun! It's fun seeing pictures! Makes me want to take some- almost!

Thanks miss you guys! I loved having you here- and being with you day and night!


Pat and Brent said...

Awesome pics. I'm so glad we got a white Christmas. It was awesome.
Great memories. Love and miss you all.

Michelle said...

That shirt is so perfect for Zeb! :)

Loved having you guys here! Thanks for the awesome pictures. Your ambition and talent just amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! It was so good to spend time with you guys! Thanks so much...miss and love you!