Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are finally back into the swing of things after Christmas break! our schedules are back to normal and the kids are getting to bed (not necessarily asleep!) before 8 again.  Now that we are in school- long breaks are BRUTAL on routines!

I'm pretty lucky to have such a great life :)  As much as I complain about being 'stuck' with my kids all day- I really do have it good.  And I like my kids.  And they are growing up before my eyes. Hip-hip-hooray!

2013 is going to be a great year- I can already tell.

Ike turns FOUR in just a few weeks.  He is our turkey.  The crazy one.   You know- always giggling, making funny faces, laughing when he knows he's in trouble.
and then putting on that cutesy smile and talking in his sweet little voice  when he wants something.  Like more wii time.

He started Primary (little kids sunday school) this year at church and he really misses the 'snacks and toys' from nursery.   It may be a rough adjustment.  I told him I'd sneak fruit snacks and hot wheels into his pockets :)

My zebby is still my little zebby- but he's pretty wise.  Sometimes when I talk to him- I can't believe it.  He's so smart and old.  And kindergarten is teaching him a lot.  Academically I knew kindergarten would be review- but life skills and trying new things and learning to be a little leader.  I love it.
like today. It was WACKY wednesday.  He wore his shirt backwards- and his galoshes (which are so wacky because "it isn't even raining outside, mom!!") and some spikey hair.  We had a tad wackier outfit all picked out last night- but when he woke up he told me: "I'm not feeling THAT wacky this morning, mom".  

Miss Metta is OUTRAGEOUS.   I have people tell me all the time they just can't believe how happy she is.  I tell them it's because her middle name is 'Joy'.

She gets so excited when she sees people (at the grocery store, the gym, church-ANYwhere) that she shakes her body and balls up her little fists and lets out squeals of glee.   She LOVES people and she loves to be out and about.  And she's on the move CONSTANTLY.   
She walks all over furniture and with her little walker toy- and stands for long periods of time.  I'm sure independent steps are in the very near future.
Her hair is still rather unruly.  Especially when she wakes up in the mornings and after naps.  But she is so stinking funny.  And she loves me.  When I ask her to give me a kiss- she plants big open mouth slobber lips all over my face (it's disgusting).  She won't even give Kent a second glance when he asks.
Around the house she's a TERROR!!!  you know that phase where they pull EVERYTHING off EVERY shelf?!  we are in the thick of it.  Why do I even clean?!  we've at least replaced all the glass and heavy items with plastic ones.


dockters said...

I love your kids. Even Metta, who I hardly know! These are all such happy pictures.

Jake is a terror around the house too. Today he dumped an entire bag of popcorn all over the floor...just as I was turned around to put the vacuum away. Yep, I just finished vacuuming. Perfect timing.

HowellAZ said...

Cute, cute pictures! They sure are getting big and fast. Little Metta behaves a lot like Eden...slobbery kisses, terrorizing any clean area of the house, etc. Gotta love it!

Julie Sacks said...

Carter in finally coming to the end of that stage of pulling everything off and out of where they are suppose to be. I feel for ya. And I know just what you mean about Zeb. Where did the time go, these kids are growing up and getting way to smart!