Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Dad, this is the best day EVER!"- Ike

Ike leaned over to Kent yesterday and said that very thing.  "Dad, This is the best day EVER!".
Happy 4th, little rugrat!  When we asked Ike what he wanted to do for his birthday he had two requests.  "I want delicious rolls" and "I want to go bowling".

Delicious rolls come from Texas roadhouse :)

we even stuck him on the saddle and the servers gave him a big 'YEEHAW'.  He was so nervous :) and it scared Metta so bad she was sobbing.

Although she cheered right up when she got a hold of the cinnamon butter :)  DISGUSTING.
And then we went to the Air Force Base to go bowling!   Bowling on base is great.  Cheap, no waits, and super family friendly!

Ike was just so happy to be there!  and with his dad nonetheless.  Somehow this weekend ended up as Kent's 'golden weekend'.  That's when you get the Saturday AND Sunday off.  They are pretty rare :)

Ike was so excited he knocked down the fluorescent alien pin.  He was jumping all over the place.

I took a lot of pictures of him :)

look at his cute little bum- and his cute little shoes.

We opened presents all day long.  One at the restaurant, one at the bowling alley, and a few at home.  This kid is super loved.  And he loved EVERY gift.  Thanks to Nannie Annie, Gramps, and Grandma Pat and Grandpa Brent.  This kid was happy every moment of the entire day!
He got some really cool power ranger hot wheels from gramps and was pretty darn excited.  What's better than that?  a racecar and power ranger all in one!  So we got out all of their  old tracks and had some fun!
 Sunday we did his cake and one last gift from us.  He told me he wanted a 'boy' cake.  I found this one on some parenting website and it was a hit!! I think as long as there was no pink or purple he was going to be happy.  It was the easiest cake I've ever made (the fish cake and train cake I'd done in the past were a little tougher).!  It's supposed to look messy and dirty so any mistakes just blend right in.

The kid licked frosting off half the cake.
I took a zillion pictures.

Our little Ike is absolutely wonderful.  Really- he's so much fun. Happy, kind, sharing, and always wanting to laugh.  I'm pretty glad we've got him!


Motivated Mama said...

Looks like an awesome birthday! Love the cake--great job, Mom!

yaya said...

A big Happy Birthday to IKE!! Looks like a ton of fun was had by all and I do love that cake! Looks like one Jack would love too...all chocolate and gooey!

dockters said...

Happy birthday, Ike!! I remember the morning you were born! Still can't believe your mom taught seminary through her contractions!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to such a cool kid! He looks taller already too!
Loved all the pictures! They really told the story for Ike's special day.
Love you guys!

kresta shay said...

the kid knows how to celebrate! woo! I found your blog!!