Friday, February 15, 2013

what i LOVE.

                                                                   Oh- valentines day.
 a day late.  my 14 loves.  where I go on and on about what I love.

 my nerdy husband.  We really are the best of friends.  I love that he loves this valentine I sent him.  We really are two peas in a pod.

 waking up on holiday mornings!!  there's something about themed candy and a random reason to celebrate that makes me smile from the inside out.  Bring on the commercialized holidays. I'll eat the seasonably colored m&ms every time you make them!

 my miracle of a body.  Sure I have some crappy teeth and imperfections- but I love it.  I love that it does what it does.  That it can replicate DNA, build proteins, grow babies, turn my food into energy, and run 13 milers!  it truly is a miracle.

I  teaching sunday school at church.  Teaching something always gives me such a better understanding of it.

 Russians.  The time I spent as a missionary in Russia was some of the greatest time of my life.  Sometimes when I think about those wonderful people and experiences- it makes me miss it so much my heart hurts.

 'Marie's Candies'.  It's this little chocolate shop in an old train station in West Liberty, Oh, that we stumbled upon on a little roadtrip last year.  And Kent had a box of their chocolates shipped to me for Valentine's day :) what a good man.

 adventure.  And I love that kent does too.  I'm getting the itch to do something crazy soon.  If you have any good ideas- let me know :)  I'm really hoping (and praying) for an adventurous assignment from the air force next year!!

and honestly- I ♥ the AIR FORCE!  holy smokes.  this is such the perfect thing for us.  The blessings we've received  the experience Kent is getting, the friends I have,  and the future that AWAITS is. so so exciting.

 my family. I say it every year- but I've got the best.  Husband, kids, sisters, parents, in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles.  The best church families, the best families away from family.  I've got it all.  And I realize not all people are so blessed :)

 my testimony and my ability to be on the constant road of conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's what brightens my day and lightens my way.

I also  the Book of Mormon.  Ammon and Alma are my current favorite people.  Something about their work as missionaries is so inspiring to me right now.

♥ my kindle.  it is amazing.  How great to be able to read in bed and NOT get up to turn out a light.  To NOT have to tire out your arm and change positions when you turn a page?!  and how great that I can just check out all of the greatest new books FROM MY HOUSE?!  no more late fees or lost books under the couch.  pure heaven.

 our ice maker.  Water tastes so much better in a water bottle- freezing cold- full of ice- after a good workout.  and I don't know what I'll do when we leave our perfect ice maker. 

 my life.

And to see the life I love-  here's a pictorial representation of our Valentine's day.

I woke the family up early to get the festivities started- so if everybody looks a little tired- it's because they are.

cool new hot wheels coloring books from the vday fairy (aka me). and a terribly annoying and really funny valentine's card from nanny annie. I hope the batteries go dead soon!!
Metta sending Kent off to work.  And wiping snot all over his uniform!!

Metta spaghetta all decked out for the day.  Much more fun to dress her than the boys!!  and look at her HAIR!!  it's sitting down! and parting!!  no more chimpanzee baby hair!!

 She's the best one to take pictures of right now. So dang cute. and so many facial expressions.

we had a valentine's party for Ike's co-op preschool.  Lots of great food and fun games.  For his v-day box he chose footballs and cupcakes.  Those two things perfectly describe this kid.  He just glued them all over and was happy as can be :)

I 'mustache' you to be my valentine.   Ike would only put is on in the corner.  And nobody else was allowed to see it on him!
his pal dalton

 ava's 'don't eat pete' candy.
 and miss quincy.  who looks like quite the natural with a mustache.


Michelle said...

Fabulous post! Your optimism and positive outlook on life is inspiring. Thanks for sharing those 14 "loves"!

kresta shay said...

her hair looks so good in these pictures!