Monday, February 11, 2013

Just a zillion pictures of miss metta.  11 teeth and 11 months old.  

she's my best eater yet.  her fave food is broccoli.  but she's turned into a scavenger.  She eats a couple of bites and then throws them all on the ground.
and then demands to get down and finish her food off the floor.   little detritus feeder.

she's a lot of work right now.  she loves the upper stairs- which are impossible to be baby gated.  and she loves to eat garbage.  and she's got a cold. which means she wakes her self up with a cough every hour at night.  kids are hard work. ugg. I'm tired.
this girl has a big personality.
big=into everything
big=constant jabberwocky
big=yells and hollers across the chapel at familiar faces during sacrament meeting.

5 comments: said...

HATE coughing at night. She is adorable.

Kim T. said...

She is so super cute! Every time I look at a picture of her I feel like you have dressed up one of the boys in girls clothes! Your boys sure make adorable girls - haha. I can't believe how much your kids look alike.

Laney said...

she looks just like zeb!

Annie Oswald said...

Yes, I remember those days x 2.

P.S. I can't believe she's almost 1. What day are you going to celebrate her birthday--the 28th or the 1st?

Michelle said...

What a beauty! LOVE her big personality.