Saturday, February 9, 2013


For Christmas Zeb got a very cool personalized Star Wars coloring book from his cousin Ethan!  We finally got it all filled out online- and printed it.  Zeb is taking his first flight as a Padawan.  You upload a picture and then make some adjustments and a 'lookalike' Zeb is put in the book!   I think it's a pretty close match actually :)
Zebbo loves it.
This past week at school was Zeb's 100th day of kindergarten!  we got to go in and celebrate with him for part of the day.  They did stations around the school with all sorts of '100' themes.  Here he is with his 100 fruit loop necklace.  My friend Amber took a bunch of pics for me of him!  I am so blessed to have such a great friend around him every day.  It sure makes sending him off to school every day a lot easier!
On Ike's birthday Zeb had a little bit of a hard day.   I think he was pretty jealous of all the attention and gifts Ike was receiving!  I at least let him lick one of the cake beaters :)
He discovered his first loose tooth this week and told me he was so excited for "the tooth fairy to leave him a penny"!  I was so excited about his financial expectations.  They were quickly raised when I overheard his pal, Magnus, telling him that the tooth fairy left him FIVE DOLLARS for his first tooth.  Our tooth fairy isn't quite as affluent- but I've decided a penny may be a little too stingy.

I can't wait for this little munchkin to get old enough to babysit!!  He's our rule following/law abiding child and he'll be the perfect little responsible babysitter!!  just five or six years to go :)


yaya said...

Sweet post for Zeb! I know the kiddos get so excited when they start to lose teeth, but I would always think of how hard it was when the teeth came in the first time! All the crying and grumpyness...and that was just from me! He's growing up fast and those years until he's old enough to babysit will fly me, I know!

Julie Sacks said...

Is it just me or are you a little worried about the teeth that replace it. My Dad always calls it the ugly 3rd grader stage. Big teeth on a little mouth. I love Cohen's smile now and I'm not sure I'm ready for it to change, esp with Justin and my retarded teeth :)

Kent and Leisy said...

I am terrified for my kids to get new teeth! Kent's are HUGE and mine love to rot. no fun!!!

Michelle said...

He reminds me of Kent. :)

Love that Zebberman!