Thursday, February 28, 2013

it's a birthday! sort of...

I've been thinking a lot about our Miss Metta and the year we've had with her.  And then I discovered the perfect documentation of our year.  All of the cell phone pics I sent to kent. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I think it's a pretty good representation of the past 12 months of Metta.

Remember that super creepy halloween ultrasound?!  good thing she didn't come out looking like a zombie.
and that LONG LONG LONG leap day last year.  She barely squeezed herself out to be a leapling!!

and then we had a few 'honeymoon' days.  She slept a lot.  

and then suddenly it was terrible.  the broken baby.  weeks and weeks of screaming. and tears.  and not just from her.  Did I ever document the bruised baby head story?  One day Zeb stepped on her head.  It really wasn't a big deal- she was fine.  I told Kent about it when he got home and he examined her head. He discovered all sorts of dark spots and discoloration all over the top.  He was worried until I told him the spots were actually my dried mascara all over her head.  From when we both just sat and cried.  She was so difficult for awhile there.

 We adjusted and dealt with her.  Found her favorite sleeping spots.  and her favorite ways to be wrapped.

During the rough weeks- it felt like an eternity.  But eventually- she got better. less broken. a lot cuter.

okay- maybe she was still goofy looking.

but at least she started smiling eventually.  It took her a lot longer than the rest of my kiddos.  Like almost four full months to give good smiles!!

 but then she never stopped giving them!  she's still the most joyous of our children!

How amazing is that baby phase where they can sit up and entertain themselves- but not move at all.  Oh so easy and wonderful.

 oh yeah- and one day she woke up and her hair started sprouting like crazy.  It literally just happened one day.

 and then out of the blue she became a real person.
 and that phase that we all hate.  so many books and dvds to pull off shelves OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

Oh- and here are a few of our rough days.  I send these types of pics to Kent just so he knows what he's missing.  and in what state to expect me when he gets home!

snotty noses, teething, colds, tantrums.

It's been a fabulous year buttercup!!  Happy birthday!!!
with this whole leap year birthday thing- it has been hard trying to decide what day to celebrate her birthday!!  We started today and I think we'll just carry on through the weekend!!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Metta! Sure love that pretty, happy girlie!

Julie Sacks said...

I love the crying pics, perfect depiction of those hard days being a mother!

Jill said...

I didn't know you blogged, too! Some of these pictures are SO SAD!!!

Amber and Travis said...

Oh man...that is what I have to look forward to. I will make sure to send Travis pictures of our little one on bad days so he understands, although I am sure he would just laugh at the screaming/crying ones. She changed so much in that one year! I sure do love Miss Metta! said...

It's just so perfect that she has a leap year bday. Soooo something that would happen to you. I need to send Nate more cell phone pics of our day!

yaya said...

I love that she's sharing my birthday today! Happy Birthday Metta! Your adorable!

dockters said...

I love this last photo of her! Are you going to do something HUGE on her real birthday in 3 years???

Aleese and Scott said...

I am seriously laughing out loud!! I LOVE that I am not the only one who sends pictures like that. I can't believe Metta is one! Give her birthday hugs from us:)

Laney said...

that picture of her in the grocery cart is my favorite.

Philip Oswald said...

One cute little girl. It was a short day for me a year ago because I got to play and spoil two grandsons.

M- your favorite said...

LOVE HER!!! I love her open mouth smiles and her cute screams! I want her. Send her to me!!!!

brian and amanda said...

what a doll baby. so happy she isn't the broken baby she once was. lol

i love love LOVE the picture of all three of your children on your bed. that's what makes motherhood so worth it.