Sunday, March 3, 2013

roald dahl

Kent LOVES to read - and has always loved Roald Dahl.  He also likes to tell the kids scary stories about how clean children smell like dogs droppings to witches- and how all principals have chokies in their offices for naughty children :)  I think Kent and Roald Dahl have a very similar sense of humor.

Kent is also the world's best dad.  The reasons are endless.  Right now he's reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory to the boys.  They read two chapters every night before bed and they ALL love it.  I abhor reading chapter books out loud- so I'm glad Kent loves doing it :)

Earlier this week- Kent read the part where Charlie Bucket finds the last golden ticket.  He gets pretty animated with his reading- and he got the kiddos very involved in the story. As soon as the ticket was found- Zeb got so excited!  "He found the ticket!!!  He gets to go into the Chocolate factory!!!".  Ike on the other hand pounded his fist onto his bed and exclaimed: "WHAT?!!  I wanted the last ticket!!  I want to go into the chocolate factory!!"  One of these children is just like their father- the other is just like their mother.

Another example of Ike's personality...  we arrived at the gym friday morning and as we pulled into the parking lot- Ike excitedly told me: "you got 17 points mom!".   Confused- I asked: "what kind of points?".  To which he replied: "you passed 17 cars on the way here!".  Everything is a race or game or competition to this kid.  I'm pretty sure you can guess which parent that trait comes from :)

5 comments: said...

Oh how I adore Roald Dahl. I don't adore reading chapter books out loud either though.

Annie Oswald said...

Made me laugh out loud. Makes me want to read to them too.

kresta shay said...

our hubbies are both readers voices and all... Justin does a mean Hermione granger

Michelle said...

That is such a great picture!
and I love the "Golden Ticket" story. Too cute!

Michelle said...
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