Sunday, March 24, 2013


I had the greatest weekend to cap off my ridiculously wonderful birthday week.

 Awhile back one of my best friends asked me if I'd be willing to take pictures of her soon to arrive baby.  I told her I'd love to! and then she told me she wanted pictures of the birth.  The real deal!  (I've noticed that  'birthing pictures' are a growing trend -although mostly in utah).   My only problem was that Kent would have to be available to watch the monkeys- but if he was- I'd love to do it! It would definitely be a great photography experience for me- and just a great experience over all.

Friday early morning she texted me that her water had broken.  Kent had just left to work for a 30 hour shift.   But then I remembered that my favorite babysitter was out of school that day!  I called her and we worked things out!  She came over at two when my friend was almost fully dilated- and I drove to the hospital!  I was at the hospital for almost five hours- and got to be there for everything!  It was pretty crazy and pretty amazing.  I've obviously been through it three times for myself- but being there on the other end was a pretty fantastic experience.

I took a GAZILLION pictures and learned a lot about lighting and actions shots :)    I don't think it's something I'd ever get into as a 'photographer' (you have to be on call basically all of the time!!)- but I loved it.   And I'd do it for a friend again for sure.

check out this baby girl's hair!!
I did a bunch of online research about it beforehand and could find almost strictly black and white pictures. No color. and now I realize why.  All of the color pictures are pretty graphic :)

Saturday afternoon Kent and I were able to go the temple sealing of our friends!  They'd been married for several years- but Mark (the husband) joined the church a year ago!  It was wonderful.  We took our kiddos with us and they played outside with their favorite babysitter (her parents were the ones being sealed!).    I got this picture of Metta and Kent afterwards.  I love it.  so much.   These are the things (plus my other two rugrats of course!) that make me happiest! that make my life perfect.  I'm so glad I've got Kent forever.

After the temple we got to go out for one more birthday dinner celebration!  with our friends- the 'other millers'. My pal ashley had a birthday the day before mine.  We went to the cheesecake factory.  It's quite the indulgence- but it was my birthday!!   and I deserved it :)

Kent is at work again today- but my kids were great at church- and now we've got another giant snow storm headed in.   this has been a fabulous winter.


Julie Sacks said...

Wow, that's awesome! I always learn the most right before a photo shoot and then I feel overwhelmed because of how much info is out there. But most of all, I have learned that I need a new camera if I do in door pics, my camera just does not get the job done! Do you still have your same camera? The pic looks great, I'm excited to see more.

Jill said...

What an amazing experience!

yaya said...

Great shot of the baby birth for your friend! (not too graphic for me!)The last line just made me laugh. Everyone is complaining about this Winter...but you! Love it! Hope the snow stays by you because I know you'll appreciate much more than me! We're heading out to see Craigie and Amy in Portland on Wed. for Taylor's baptism...hope I find a teensy bit of Spring there!

Michelle said...

What an incredible experience. You are very qualified! You always capture such riveting shots.

Love that Kenter-Qube!

I'm glad you indulged for your birthday - you hardly ever splurge! :)