Wednesday, March 6, 2013

'snowquestration' snow day. no school.

 I honestly can't think of anything as beautiful as freshly fallen heavy snow coating everything in sight.  This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland!!  Zeb told me the trees didn't look like trees anymore!

 wishing she could escape!

 After our morning trip out - we came home- put Metta down for her nap- and went outside for a snow adventure!

I made Zeb and Ike shovel the driveway. It was really heavy snow!!

we also built a snow man/cat/bunny.   Zeb was pretty concerned on getting it to look just right.

and then we took to the slopes of the backyard.  Our backyard is just three yards away from the green space- so we meandered over there for some sledding, too.
 Zeb just kept saying: "we have the best neighborhood EVER!"

 Here are the sad headed home faces.  Cold bodies and heavy legs.


Amber and Travis said...

These pictures are awesome!! Glad you enjoyed the snow day!

Julie Sacks said...

You HAVE to frame some of these pics, they are adorable. Oh, I sent you a text the other day and when I read over it I think I might have been confusing. I was picking out little clumps of brown sugar and eating them with much happiness and thought, ahhh... this is just what Leisy enjoys too. Brown sugar clumps always remind me of you :)

Philip Oswald said...

So perhaps you can change the Blog title to Winter in Ohio before the first day of spring.

Michelle said...

Great pictures! You are such a fun Mom!