Wednesday, March 13, 2013

winner winner turkey dinner. so dang good.

I feel like I'm a pretty good parent.  

Maybe it's my pride, maybe it's because I really try and give it my all, or maybe its just because I  really am that good :)- but I rarely feel guilt associated with my performance as a parent.  
But sometimes- just sometimes- I feel like I'm not always getting my kids to eat the most perfectly balanced diet.  I have created some picky eaters- and it bites me in the behind nearly every day.  Lately I have been trying my darndest to get our family to make better eating choices and habits.  Metta -for the time being- is a champion.   Zeb and Ike are getting there :) 
So- I made this meal last night- made it up all on my own.  And it was so divinely successful.  I am proud of myself.  It isn't too fancy and isn't perfectly healthy- but it's pretty darn close.

Hidden veggie lean ground turkey meatloaf cupcakes :)
served with a side of mashed sweet potatoes.

I made a big batch so we could freeze some.

2 eggs
20 oz lean or extra lean ground turkey
1/2 c ketchup
1/2 c bbq sauce
1 tsp garlic salt
1 large zucchini with skin
2-3 large carrots
a bunch of spinach (prob a cup or two- my broccoli and spinach I had frozen in cubes to put in smoothies so I just used four of those)
a bunch of broccoli (prob about a cup)
1 onion chopped small ( I kept these out of the puree because I like onion chunks in my meat loaf!)
1 c quick oats

extra 1/2 c ketchup and 1/2 c bbq sauce to spoon over top.

I took all of my veggies and chopped them up and pureed them to a soupy texture in the magic bullet.  The broccoli and carrots were steamed on the stove first so they were nice and soft.

combine everything together.   If it's too smooth or runny- add some oats.  If it's too thick- add some extra ketchup and bbq sauce.

Scoop into a muffin pan (with or without liners)- spoon extra sauce over the tops- and bake at 450 for 25-30 minutes.


dockters said...

Totally used your recipe and made these for dinner!! Thank you! Jake loved them and had seconds and thirds.

Kim T. said...

That looks sooo good! My kids would eat at your house any day! I'm totally stealing this meal.

boysmum2 said...

Oh they sound great, mine would love these too and all those veggies dancing inside them, who would ever know??