Friday, March 8, 2013

belated birthday cake BASHING.

Because Metta's birthday festivities spanned several days- the blog posts must as well.  

I wanted her to experience the cliched first birthday cake smash- but didn't want to start out with a mess by having to make one.  So Metta got a "Birthday Surprise"
 pink frosted cupcake from Gigi's.
and really- this was the extent of the mess. None of our kids have dived into their cake.  They touch it. take a small nibble.  then get bored and beg to be done.
this is her devilish laugh.  kent was making a funny face at her.
I had to beg her to take another taste.  The frosting was DELISH.  I finished it off when she'd decided that she'd had enough.   I think the cake part went in the trash.

Here's the final product.  She was just about to roll the cupcake off the edge.   I'm sure next year she'll have no reservations about licking all the frosting off her birthday cupcake :)


Amber and Travis said...

Metta looks so grown up in these pictures! I can't believe how red her hair looks! These pictures are great!

Pat and Brent said...

How dang cute is she?! CanNOT believe she's a year old already. Love that pretty girl.

HowellAZ said...

She really is so cute! You got some great pictures. Happy Birthday Metta!

Jill said...

SUPER cute!

dockters said...

Great photos, Leisy!! She is a doll and I love her RED hair! I want to eat that cupcake. Looks delicious.

Michelle said...