Tuesday, March 19, 2013

hissy fits.

"Mom! stop taking pictures of me PLEASE".  He was so bugged.
But I was trying to figure out some lighting tricks and Metta was asleep (not to mention she won't sit still) and Zeb was at school.   Plus pictures of Metta have been dominating the blog as of late- so it's Ike's turn now.
This kid has hit the hissy fit fours.  He was such a good two and three year old- but literally the day he turned four- he started throwing mini fits.  I've never had him throw fits in public- but now it's a couple times a week.  He's always been easy to please and happy go lucky. Now if we get the water in the tub wrong by ONE degree- he throws a hissy fit.  Last night he was in the tub WAILING that the water I just put in was BURNING him.  Metta had her head under the faucet drinking it. It obviously wasn't THAT hot.
We're working on things- and I can already tell hes taming down due to our adjustments- but SERIOUSLY.  Sometimes I want to sell him to the gypsies.
 really- the fits aren't that bad- they just came out of the blue.    I love my afternoons with him while metta sleeps and zeb is still at school.   Too bad he loves Kent the most!  At least once a day he'll make sure and tell me that he wishes 'dad' was at home and I was at work.  Little turkey. :)


yaya said...

Awwww...the gypsies? Not with those pretty brown eyes that just melt your heart. Ok, I had 4 boys and 3 out of 4 had brown eyes and I would have sold them too! Don't worry, he'll grow out it...until he turns 8.

kresta shay said...

even though he wanted you to stop taking pictures, they were totally cute. sometimes you just gotta have the grumpy pictures.

Michelle said...

Those EYES!!!!! love. love. love.

Hissy fits are funny. :)

Age 8 was hard for both my 2 oldest. I'm scared for Krystal to get there. But - we still laugh at her hissy fits - so ....