Wednesday, April 17, 2013

lazy mom.

Metta was in dire need of a bath this evening- but I had no desire to deal with the tub.  Kent is just finishing a run of nights and I'm pretty sick of the nighttime routine.

  So we improvised.  She's way too big for this!! but loved that she could simultaneously eat out of that big bowl of honeydew while she bathed :)
 Her hair is pretty long- but I don't know how to put a pony tail in it?!  the top? the side?  I don't like the antenna look so I may have to wait a little longer to try it.
A lot of friends here in Dayton have had baby girls in the past year- and we've been wanting to take a picture for some time now!  We finally got together to get it done this last week.  Metta is the oldest.  and was the hardest to keep contained!  thus the cheeto in her mouth!  so many bows.  and we didn't even have all of the girlies here!!

Metta has the best personality.  She loves everyone.  she loves to wave to Zeb's bus driver.  At church she stands on the pew and searches for all of her familiar faces and then waves and squeals at them.  She is best pals with her childwatch workers at the YMCA.   The only people she'll ever grimmace at are Zeb and Ike!! and it's only because they LOVE to tease her.  Ike thinks it's hilarious to steal her blanket and pretend to sleep on it. It makes her MAD.    She really is my happiest kid.


yaya said...

I don't think "lazy" is ever a word I would use to describe you! I love the sink/ of the best things about our house is the large kitchen sink that I've bathed many a kiddo in just for fun! Metta is adorable and I love her red hair. I would be perplexed at how to fix her hair...that's why God gave me 4 boys!

Michelle said...

Metta's hair always looks cute and she totally rocks the bows. Love her cute smiling face!

Pat and Brent said...

So cute, you made bathtime a lot of fun. Can't wait to see her in person again.