Monday, April 29, 2013

spring, broccoli, and mary poppins

 The spring colors in ohio still surprise me every year.  We've had a lot of rain lately- and the colors finally just broke through.  Our front yard is an explosion. greens and purples and pinks.

This tree is amazing.  When you open the front door- you can't believe the color.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

As much as I dislike pink- when it's in such a natural form- I love it.  It looks like we've had pink confetti thrown all over our sidewalks and driveway.

I took a bunch of closer shots the other day when it was sunnier out.  As much as I often moan about our yard and the work it entails- it sure is beautiful this time of year!

 I had to throw in a pic of metta.  she loves broccoli.  She'll shovel in giant pieces and just gobble them up.    I think I hated broccoli until I was twenty something.  She's a good little girl.

and finally- a couple of mary poppins pics. Mary Poppin- the broadway show-came to town and we had friends going and wanted to go as well- but didn't know kent's schedule until late.  We ended up buying tickets the day before the show!  The very last two tickets in the theater in fact :)  in the very back two corner seats.  it's a bit of a tradition for us to go to shows and get terrible seats.  we like to take our binocs and people watch before hand.  The back row wasn't actually all that far away in this theater- but I was still rather glad I had binoculars to see the details of the costumes and set.

It was a really really fun show!!  the music was wonderful.  I remember while growing up we'd always listen to a disney cassette tape when we fell asleep at night.  It had all of the classic mary poppins songs on it and I have loved them ever since!


Jill Pierce said...

Our yard is white instead of pink! My kids love broccoli, too. And I didn't like it much until I was older. It's fun seeing them be naturally healthy. :)

Annie Oswald said...

I didn't like broccoli until just this last year when I turned 29.
Great pix today. Thanks for making my day and thanks for making your Grandma Howell proud.

Amber and Travis said...

I love pink and I love that tree!! Great pics!

yaya said...

Our yard is also looking very pink and purple! I love it! Plus the blossom smell great. I love Mary Poppins and I bet the show was fun. Give that broccoli baby a hug...she's just too cute!!

Michelle Jenson said...


I love musicals. Fun!