Sunday, May 5, 2013

baby birds. and my baby bird.

I don't think it's possible to relay to each of you the difficulty of capturing these images.   I can't even see what I'm taking a picture of when I snap the shot.     I risk both limb and camera each time I try.

 these guys are pretty creepy.  I wish I had worms to offer them.

my baby bird in her yellow and gray.   these pictures are totally her. she is really and truly just a happy little girl.

I was trying out these new picture backdrops I got from veryjane (I'm obsessed with veryjane) and I can't believe I got her to sit still for even an instant.

She's signing 'please' here- and begging for a piece of candy I'm using to bribe her to stay in one place.  and she has a fat lip.  She got it under Kent's watchful eye.  which makes me so grateful.  Seriously- our kids only get hurt in my care and it was so nice to see her get maimed while I wasn't around.
 Here she finally got the candy and went all crazy.  and then slobbered all over her dress and face.  She's a menace to the world right now.  NONSTOP busy body.  touch touch touch. eat eat eat.  run run run.

She's learning to talk, though! she can say binky, ike, mom, dad, and honk.   and she's using signs really well.

I promise I've got pictures of my other children as well.  We spent a mini weekend in Indy and I ran the mini marathon.  I'll get the post up soon!


Pat and Brent said...

Amazing pictures. I love the background - so cute with the yellow and gray. Metta is growing up way too fast!

kenna said...

your photography keeps getting better and better. i love it. seriously. you are talented. going up to ny anytime soon? we'd LOVE to see you.

kresta shay said...

she is crazy cute! I loved that little outfit.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

super cute backdrop and crazy cool pictures of the birds!!!!!!

Michelle Jenson said...

Oh my cuteness!

What a fun backdrop and cute outfit, too!

SO cool to get a close up look of those baby birds!

HowellAZ said...

Really good pictures. Love that picture of Metta eating the blue candy. Beyond cute!

Aleese and Scott said...

She looks so pretty in Yellow! Love these pictures!!