Sunday, May 19, 2013

jack hanna's zoo.

Kent had a vacation week last week- and since Zeb is still in school- we stayed close to home.  We still ended up doing A TON of stuff, though.   I've got quite a few blog posts that need catching up.

Kent loves vacation because he thinks it's free reign on eating and cooking crazy foods.  We ate out and he made a crazy amount of delicious dishes at home.  I loved it.  So did he.  He has his own little blog that he updates once a year or so :) -  and he included his recipes there.
I made him make the chicken tikka masala a second time because it was so darn good.

He also made sure mother's day last week was my best ever :)  It's on his blog.  I'll post it about it next.

Today's post is our zoo trip.  We went to Jack Hanna's Columbus zoo.  it did NOT disappoint.  Holy Moly.  It was HUGE.  We spent eight hours there and didn't get to see everything.  We were exhausted.  It was the hottest day of the year so far (89degrees) and we all got some sun.

The flamingoes were my favorite animal at this zoo. Not sure why- but they were just so beautiful.  And Ike kept calling them 'fameekoes'.  I thought that was pretty cute.
Metta was so funny at the zoo. she loved everything.  ran everywhere.  was kind of a little terror.
monkeys, gorillas, bonobos- and all of the other primates fascinate me.  I'm sure it's their human like qualities that I love to watch.  The little bonobo chimp siblings acted exactly like Zeb and Ike do.  It was hilarious.  You can't help but realize we are all related.
Metta thought all of the animals were dogs.  She barked at every single one.  the birds, the monkeys, the elephants, and even the fish.  She didn't understand the whole glass window thing, either.  She just wanted to touch everything.
these primates LOVED zeb.  he sat there and they played for quite awhile.  He ran a leaf along the window and they followed him- grabbed at him- and he even tried to eat his hand a few times :)

this was right at mid day.  Zeb told us he was 'thirsting to death'.

isn't she so cute?  they could put her in a cage for people to come and see.

the 'bob evans train' rode around 'north america'.  It was our last continent before we headed home and riding the train was a good break for the boys.
the polar bears were trying to stay cool and played around in the water so we got some good shots of them!

this baby rhino was HOT HOT HOT.  I totally burned my bum.
Zeb has been taking our point and shoot with him all over the place lately- and he got some pretty good shots at the zoo.
I'm pretty sure this is how my kids will remember me.  Hunched over in some weird position trying to get a picture of something.
we got a season pass so we can go back and enjoy the rest of the zoo!  plus- a pass is cheaper than going two times.  Come visit and we'll take you!!!

6 comments: said...

Oh man, I miss that zoo. It's amazing. We had a pass and went all the time. We left right before the polar bear stuff came in though.

dockters said...

Looks amazing!! We want to come!

Annie Oswald said...

That Miss Metta is a-DOR-able! Can't wait to see you all in July. Bring swimsuits!

Michelle Jenson said...

Looks super fun! I love that Zeb is taking pictures - he does a really good job!

I laughed at Metta barking at everything. We finally had to teach Krystal what a bunny says (silent nose twitch) before she finally got that not all animals make the *bark*bark* sound.

Cute kiddos!

Amber and Travis said...

I am always so impressed by your pictures! It makes me want to take a photography class so I can learn more. I love the up close picture of the monkey!!

Zeb is getting pretty good! And Metta is adorable! I love her personality!

kresta shay said...

your pics are awesome. your comment about metta being on display was flippin funny