Thursday, May 16, 2013

we love indy!!

As Kent and I have been trying to figure out where we want to live next- we've come to the realization that Dayton is a nearly perfect place.  We've got three major cities- with TONS to do- less than two hours away.  We've made a few trips to our neighboring cities in the past couple of weeks- and I've got several blog posts waiting to go up!

Two weeks ago we made a weekend trip to Indianapolis- one of our favorite places to visit!!  I ran a race and we played with friends- it was the prefect few days.  Oh- and we stayed in a hotel with a pool.  The kids were in HEAVEN.  They swam and swam and swam until their skin turned wrinkly and blue.
Ike has turned into a whiner and worrier lately. Its driving me BONKERS.  This picture makes me giggle. he thought he was going to drown.
metta fell on of the bathtub edge and got a fat lip. We have the worst luck with hotel bathrooms. Last time we were in indy running a race- Ike had to go to the ER and get stitches.

see her little fat lip and elf ears?
Metta was much more daring about the water and the pool then she was last time.  I love her swimming suit. ten cents at a yard sale.  I'm certain I had the same type of swimsuit when I was six.
our pals, the stewarts, stayed at the same hotel as we did!  it's so crazy to me that all of our friends from toledo are growing up and life is moving on for everyone.  I can only imagine everyone as how they were when we left.   Have I ever mentioned how AMAZING toledo was?  so many great great people.  I miss them all the time.

Metta loves her brothers.  She zonked right there between them. and then we moved her to the closet where she slept like a log.   We've now moved her to the closet here at home.
after the race we met up with our indy friends at the park.  Zeb and Ike were DYING to see Sam and Max.
I ran the mini marathon with beth, lindsay, and lindsay's family.   The race was really fun. the weather was perfect.  we ran miles 6-9 around the INdy 500 racetrack! how fun is that?!

the race was HUMONGOUS.  some 40,000 people.  The race started at 7:30. We crossed the starting line at 7:52!!

Here we are with our finishing medals.  13.1 miles is my very very favorite race length.  Hard enough to be a challenge- but still super fun.  I feel good when I finish and love every step of it.


Jill Pierce said...

When it warms up, you can come swim in our pool. Great job on the race!

dockters said...

Thanks for running with me!! I never thought I would say that I loved running 13 miles, but I really did!! Loved it!!

Let's do another one!

Michelle Jenson said...

I'm so impressed with your running skills!

Metta is just the cutest thing that ever lived. That swimsuit is adorable! You find the most amazing deals.