Wednesday, May 15, 2013

spring soccer at the 'Y'!

we are wrapping up our soccer season this week- and I can't say I'm terribly sad to see it end :)  It's been great- but BUSY!!  Zeb and Ike are on two different teams- and so we had two different game times- different practices- and so forth. 

 Oh- and nobody volunteered to coach so I ended up coaching zeb's team. Almost every game was FREEZING cold.  the boys had a blast (mostly) so I guess it was all worth it.  Plus- I got a free coach t shirt.  that totally made it worth it.

this week we had some week night games- and Kent had the nights off so it was far less stressful. and the weather was perfect.  

Ike and his team- 'the red dragons'
3 and 4 year olds playing soccer is such a joke.  but ike scored a few goals and got some exercise!

I think the very hardest part of the season was corralling and chasing this munchkin.  what a flying monkey.  she was impossible.  I ran around on the field for a few games with her in my arms!!

Metta's pal, cora.  Cora's sisters are two of Zeb and Ike's FAVORITE people. Her sister ava was on Ike's team- and her other sister quincy was on zeb's team.

Zeb and the teal team.  
We organized our teams and got to play with some friends from previous teams and some friends from church.  Zeb loved his team. 
Doing the ymca sportsmanship pledge before the game!


Jill Pierce said...

You are SUPERMOM! Juggling all those practices and games and coaching and having a little one - I'm tired just thinking about it!

Michelle Jenson said...

You are definitely a trooper.

I personally HATE soccer - because of how BUSY it is! Games and practices every day. I don't know how you did it with both boys. CRAZY!

What a cute and good idea to have the kids' names printed on the backs of their shirts.

Way-ta-go Ikey and Zebbers!